The excitement of the festive season has begun and we cannot hold our excitement to style ourselves. Thus, Legacy of Bhojraj has got you tips on how to style your organza saree for a festive look.

How to Style Your Organza Saree for a Festive Look

Organza saree is a saree that is widely accepted fabric by the new generation above silk and cotton sarees due to its soft and delicate texture, golden sheen, and beautiful appearance. So, in today’s blog we are going to discuss six pro tips on how to style your organza saree for a festive look below-

  1. Choosing the right accessories - Accessories have the ability to make or break the look be it bag, jewelry, etc. that is why we need to be wise enough with what kind of accessories you pair with your saree. Mostly statement earrings and clutch do the work.
  2.  Experiment with the color combination - In most cases, you might always tend to pair the saree and blouse in the same colors, but when we play with the contrast colors of our saree as a result it enhances our look.
  3.  Making more pleats - You always tend to wonder why the woman in front of you looks more put together than you the reason is that she is making more symmetric pleats in her hip region and accessorizing it with the designer safety pin.
  4. Right use of makeup - No woman can deny her love for makeup, but the right application of makeup is an art thus make sure either you expertise yourself in it or take the help of professional makeup artists.
  5.  Keep your look simple - During festive season it is very normal that your mind will move to deck itself in the every possible accessories and with bold makeup but keep your mind calm and look simple.
  6. Right shoes - Shoes are an important part of dressing to make you look well groomed, thus choosing the right type of shoes which are comfortable as well can take you long way. Sneakers are good option to choose as they are comfortable and look classy with the saree.

What kind of blouse to wear with organza saree

Blouses are an important part of sarees and it is impossible to replace this piece of clothing, but pairing the perfect blouse that gives compliments to the sarees is a task. Thus, we are giving you five tips on what kind of blouse to wear with Laheriya pattern organza saree in this particular section-

  1. Blouse without sleeve - Since organza saree is made up of sheer material and have a shiny effect, pairing these sarees with a blouse that does not have sleeve with open pallu will give you a mesmerizing appearance. If we take the example, of a white-pink saree paired with a golden sleeveless blouse with just statement earrings is an ideal look.
  2. Crop top - A crop top paired with a saree is not a new trend, as these crop tops is around the size of your regular size and have a smooth finish which provides you with a neat look.
  3. Full sleeve Blouse - Vintage styling can never go wrong, thus when you choose to style your organza silk saree with a blouse that is full-sleeved your appearance gets enhanced and you are left with an elegant look.
  4. Velvet blouse - The teamwork that the two fabrics play is just simply gorgeous, especially the combination of organza saree with a velvet blouse is just amazing. 
  5. Blouse with puff-sleeve - Did you choose to wear an organza saree in a traditional event yet want to spice up your look, then we have got you sorted you should pair your saree with a blouse that has puff-sleeve to get an amazing look.

How to style organza saree

Organza saree is the first choice of modern-day women when it comes to wearing a saree at a party as it is lightweight, sheer, and fresh texture. Thus we have got you three tips on how to style organza saree for a party look, which are as follows

  1. Use of a T-shirt or jacket as a blouse - You can ditch the blouse for a T-shirt or jacket as a blouse with three to four inch pleats over the shoulder with american diamond choker set and studs.

  2. Use of metallic belt - To give your saree a quirky look for the party saree, you can style your organza silk saree by neatly tucking the pleats and then you can add a gold, silver, or copper metallic belt on it.

  3. Bold lipstick and eyeliner - When it comes to makeup you can just apply the basic nude makeup and add detailings with bold lipstick and eyeliner can help you to look classy and regal, as this saree’s natural sheen will add glow up to your skin.

What Jewelry to Wear with Organza Saree

When selecting an organza saree for party wear, it's crucial to consider the choice of jewelry. Since you selected organza fabric, i hope you are aiming for a sophisticated look, remember that the saree itself exudes elegance. To enhance this charm, opt for minimal jewelry given below-

  1. Necklace- you can choose a pearl choker to pair with your silk organza saree for a daytime look. You can wear a simple Diamond necklace or gold chain with a small pendant for a nighttime look.
  2. Earings- If you prefer not to overdo it, consider studded earrings. If you're planning to wear just earrings and no necklace, I'd suggest opting for ‘kanpasa’; it adds an extra touch of elegance to your look.
  3. Bracelet- Avoid bangles or churis as they might not complement the classy appeal of an organza saree look. Instead, consider wearing a simple gold bracelet for a touch of royal elegance.
  4. Ring- Your look might feel incomplete without adding finger jewelry. Wearing some classy rings can elevate your appearance, giving it a more sophisticated touch.

How to iron organza saree

It is the very natural instinct for organza saree’s owner to give their sarees in the laundry for ironing. But in some emergency cases, you might have to iron organza silk all by yourself thus we choose to describe to you how to iron organza saree. There are a few tips which are described below-

Always keep your iron temperature at a minimum.

Always use a damp cotton towel over the saree to protect it from burn.

Keep your iron setting at silk when you iron your Organza Silk Saree.

Have a flat surface for ironing.

Always place your organza saree over a cotton spread before ironing


As we come to the end of the blog on how to style your organza saree for a festive look you got to know that styling these sarees is not a big task but you need to be very wise with the occasion for which you are styling your organza saree.

December 18, 2023 — Web Bhojraj

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