Since 1954, K. Bhojraj has a long and well-preserved tradition of pursuing excellence by giving our customers only the best quality sarees at an affordable price. Named after our respected founder, Sri Bhojraj, our journey started with a store at Triangular Park. Since then, we have become one of Kolkata’s most well known traditional Indian apparel brands. Sri Chetan Thakwani , Sri K. Bhojraj’s grandson and our current chairman has been an enthusiastic participant in the legacy of his family. Completing his B.Sc in Textiles from INIFD, he has over a decade of experience in the designing and merchandising sector. Taking over the ship in 2018, we continue his grandfather’s legacy as ‘Legacy of Bhojraj’.

We aim to establish a close, direct relationship with the weaving community, which gives us better opportunities to satisfy the needs of our customers and suppliers. The diversity of textiles in this country, and the many variations in looms, gives us a rich culture in textiles. One of our main goals is to bring this gift globally.

We closely work with members of the weaving community from all over the country, and work with several different looms, whether it be Paithani, Narayanpet, Banarasi or Kanchipuram. We specialize in pure handloom products, made with the rich designs from our very own master weaves.

We at the ‘Legacy of Bhojraj’ aim to bring the rich, cultural weaves of our Motherland, where we welcome you to celebrate the culture with us.