Want to try out some exclusive organza silk sarees this festive season? If so, you’re at the right place as Legacy of Bhojraj is here to present you with a ravishing collection of organza silk saree in rich colors and stunning embroidery work. 

There are reasons why Indian women are fond of sarees. A soft feel, a classic touch, and a regal aura of the saree make you feel better and add to your unique persona. There was a time when silk, as a fabric, was not affordable and available to all. The scenario has changed over time. Modern women love to wear sarees that exude a touch of grace and elegance. Organza saree is loved and cherished by women from all walks of life.

With ornate pallus, attractive shades, and refined borders, organza sarees allure saree lovers all over the world. Do you want to learn about the times when you can drape in an organza saree? Or, what are the varieties of organza sarees you can try? Well, we are here to answer your questions. We will also give you some organza saree styling tricks and tips that make you look unique every time.

Types of Organza Sarees

At Bhojraj Saree, you will find a wide range of organza sarees, starting from Floral Print Organza to Embroidered Organza. Every single type offers a unique style which allows you to choose the one that suits your preferences.

Floral print organza

 Fashiontas are recently accepting the trend of floral print organza saree. These particular saree combines the elegance of organic fabric with vibrant floral patterns which helps in giving you a fashionable look. If you want to catch the attention of your colleagues or friends then add matching accessories with the saree.

Embroidered Organza

Embroidered organza saree will be the excellent choice for the brides depending on personal preferences. This particular lightweight saree provides a delicate, sheer texture  which creates an elegant and feminine type look. With this embroidered organza brides are going to get both stylish and sophisticated type look. 

Leheriya Pattern Organza 

If you are going to attend any party within few days then our Leheriya Pattern Organza Saree will be the ideal choice for you because this particular saree is ideal for festive ocassion and celebration. 

What is the texture of the organza saree? 

Pure organza silk sarees can be identified by their lightweight feel and smooth texture. Made of stiff and thin fibers, the organza saree has a smooth texture. The transparency of organza silk sets it apart from other sarees. Often, it comes with intricate embroidery work making it one elegant choice for a modern lady. 

The soft and delicate feel of an organza saree makes it perfect for slim ladies, as this fabric doesn’t stick to the body. It features unique embroidery work and a coarse feel making it perfect to wear in winter months.

Special and casual occasions to try out organza saree

Planning to shop for organza sarees? Well, we’ll list the occasions to try our organza sarees feel as light and breezy as a stroke of air and have the perfect balance of grace and sensuality. It’s ideal for destination wedding parties where the goal is to be simple yet stylish. You can also wear them at private parties. 

Drape an organza silk saree at family get-togethers and college events like farewell parties. 

Tips and tricks to style an organza saree  (dos and donts)

Looking for ways to style an organza saree? Let’s tell you all that you should or shouldn’t try while wearing one. 
For official purposes

  • When styling an organza saree for official purposes, you should always choose a subtle color like an earthy tone or light pastels.
  • Keep the hairstyle and makeup minimal and elegant.


  • Don’t go for mismatched colors. 

  For festive purposes


  • You can go for vibrant and bold shades of maroon, navy blue or red in festive times. 
  • If it’s Durga Puja around the corner, you can always experiment with bold makeup looks. 


  • It’s better not to overaccesorize your organza saree.

Party purpose

We will share some organza saree styling tips for party purpose. Let’s check them out.


  • You can always opt for an unconventional color like metallic blue or purple. 
  • Choose a trendy blouse design and accessorize it with a statement neckpiece.


  • Avoid wearing an ill-fitted or loose blouse when you're attending a party. 

How to style Organza silk saree for various ocassion?

Now we are going to share few styling tips with you which you can explore after your newest buy

Traditional Drape

Drape your Organza Silk Saree just like you would drape any other silk saree. Now complement your saree with an elbow sleeve length blouse decorated with hand emroidery design and by this way you can give yourself a traditional look with this organza saree.

Party look

If you want to give yourself party type look then pair your saree up with a halter neck or backless blouse.

Why should you have an organza saree for your special days? 

Pure organza silk sarees have a fine texture and exude elegance. 

  • Well, organza sarees are available in a range of colors, patterns, and embroidery work. The more options you’ve, the easier it is to pick one. From a white-pink organza saree to a creamy yellow one, Legacy of Bhojraj has a vast collection of organza silk saree. And, you’ll find a saree that suits your skin tone and unique demands.  
  • Generally, organza sarees have a stiff and unique texture that sets them aside from other categories. It enhances the visual appeal of the saree and renders a statement look. Draping an organza saree from Legacy of Bhojraj is key to stand out in the crowd.

Why should you buy organza saree only from Legacy of Bhojraj?

Want to buy an organza saree and look stunning in one? Legacy of Bhojraj is a favorite shopping site for all saree lovers out there. Supporting the weavers of every state, we walk the extra mile to provide you with classy organza sarees. Our sarees come in attractive colors and stunning designs that make them irresistible. Whether it’s a casual or formal occasion, you’ll look breathtaking wherever you go. Plus, there’s a surprise awaiting you. Use the code FESTIVE10 and get a flat 10% off on your purchase. So, what else do you want? Come and shop from us now!

Frequently Asked Question

Is silk organza expensive?

Yes silk organza is expensive compared to other fabric saree.

Is organza saree easy to wear? 

Being made of breathable and lightweight fabric, organza sarees are easy to drape and carry. It is so classy and versatile that you can wear them almost all on occasion. 

Organza Silk Sarees With Price

Organza Silk  Price List
White Red Organza Silk Sarees RS 5000
White Black Organza Silk Sarees RS 5000
Black Red Organza Silk Sarees RS 5000
Wine Pink Organza Silk Saree RS 5000