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Do you want to achieve a gorgeous look at your next attending party or marriage ceremony? If so, you can try any of our Sico Gadwal Collections. In Legacy of Bhojraj, you will find a wide range of Sico Gadwal sarees, starting from ₹6800 to ₹11500.

If you aim to stand out at your next party or wedding ceremony, simply select any single Gadwal Sico saree from our above-given collection. For more detailed information regarding Sico Gadwal sarees, scroll down and read the entire article to learn about its stylish tips and how to maintain Sico Gadwal for a party or wedding ceremony. 

Types of work on Gadwal Sico sarees

Gadwal sarees are perfect for special events, combining exquisite craftsmanship, comfort, and charm. Let's dive into the delightful details of Gadwal Sico sarees.

  1. Gharchola Checks:

   - Large, bold checks form eye-catching patterns on Gadwal Sico sarees. Vibrant colors like green and red make these checks stand out, adding a touch of uniqueness to your look.

  1. Butta Work:

   - Our Gadwal Sico Handloom Sarees feature beautiful butta work. You will find tiny motifs scattered across the fabric, creating an elegant texture. Explore two charming types of butta work:

     3. Resham Butta

      - "Resham butta" means delicate silk thread motifs. These small embroidered designs add a subtle, graceful texture to your saree, enhancing its beauty.

     4. Zari Butta

      - Behold the richness of zari butta! Metallic motifs intricately woven into the fabric bring a touch of opulence and sophistication to your Gadwal saree.

      5. Plain Checks

   - Embrace the simplicity of plain and small checked patterns on Gadwal Sico sarees. These versatile checks effortlessly enhance the overall charm of the saree, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

Borders on the Gadwal sico saree

Petta zari border: Pure sico gadwal sarees flaunt a petta zari border, consisting of a metallic thread embroidered on pallus and saree borders. 
Ganga Yamuna border: Ganga Yamuna border on the sico sarees has a two tone or dual tone pattern.

Kalka border: Kalka borders are known for their intricate detailing. Kalka bordered sico sarees come with crafted motifs that add a touch of sophistication.

Kuttu border: Gadwal Sico sarees with Kuttu border get handwoven using premium cotton.  The vibrant color palette of the Kuttu Gadwal Sico saree results in a striking contrast.

Pros of Gadwal sico sarees

Here are the benefits of Gadwal Sico sarees, which is why it is adored by the saree lovers worldwide. 

  • Gadwal sico sarees are versatile, perfect for both formal and casual occasions. 
  • The presence of cotton fabric makes Gadwal sico sarees lightweight and easy to wear.
  • It's an easy-to-drape saree, simple to pleat and carry. 
  • Gadwal sico sarees are available in variable colors and designs to suit your unique demands.

How to maintain Sico Gadwal Saree

To keep your beautiful look with Gorgeous Sico Gadwal is always a tough job but if remain concerned about our below given three rules then you can very easily maintain this Sico Gadwal Saree at your next attending party or wedding

Avoid Rough Surfaces 

Always be careful when you move around, especially near rough surfaces or sharp edges, to prevent your Sico saree from tearing.

Do not apply perfumes directly on your saree - If you want to avoid potentials or stains then you must apply cosmetics and perfumes before putting the saree on your body.

Check for loose threads - Check whether the saree has any loose threads. Before wearing the Sico Gadwal saree, make sure there are no loose threads. If you find any, remove them before heading to the party

Pin-ups - Ensure you do the pin-ups properly, especially on your shoulder pleats. It will enhance your overall look and make you look gorgeous.

Keep a smile in your face - You must walk with confidence and keep a smile in your face. If you maintain all these things then you will become the center of attraction in any party or wedding ceremony.

How to accessorize Gadwal Sico sarees 

The key to accessorizing Gadwal Sico sarees is to enhance the traditional look of the sarees. You can accessorize a Gadwal sico saree using modern or traditional jewelry pieces, depending on the design and shade of the saree. 

Color blocking: You can pair up a Gadwal sico saree with a heavy, colorful stone or bead costume jewelry. Enhance your look by choosing sapphire-colored stone jewelry that perfectly complements the shades of your pallu. Minute elements of golden or silver jewelry brings out the grandeur of the saree. 

Gold jewelry: You can pair up an exquisite Gadwal sico saree with a golden pendant or earring. Accentuate the pallu and border of the sico saree with golden jewelry.

Graceful hair accessories: You can try out simple hair accessories like pins and clips and style your hair with grace. It enhances your overall look with a touch of sophistication. 

Comfy sandals: Nail your style game and keep it chic and comfy with a pair of sandals that match the vibes of your sico saree. Comfort is the key, and style is like a special treat. It's all about feeling good and looking fabulous at the same time!


For which purpose can you use Gadwal sico sarees


Indeed, a Gadwal Sico Pattu Handloom Saree is versatile and can be used for various purposes. Here are some awesome events where you can flaunt this beautiful ethnic attire and shine in style!

Traditional events: These sarees are perfect for traditional performances, ceremonies and cultural events. The unique weaving technique and rich history of the Gadwal sico sarees adds a definite charm.

Social gatherings: You can drape in a Gadwal sico saree and nail your style in times of family get-togethers and social gatherings.  

Wedding (attendees): Gadwal sico sarees with intricate designs and vibrant colors are visually appealing. You can wear one at any wedding event and flaunt your unique persona.

Party wear:  Depending on the design and color of the saree, you can don a Gadwal sico saree as party wear. Gadwal sico sarees exude a touch of tradition and craftsmanship.

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5 Different Gadwal Sico Sarees With Price 

 SIco Gadwal Price
White Gadwal Sico Sarees 11000
Dark Green Gadwal Sico Sarees ₹6800
Purple Gadwal Sico Saree ₹7500
Red Gadwal Sico Saree ₹11500
Maroon Gadwal Sico Saree ₹8500


 What is Sico Gadwal Sarees?

Sico Gadwal Sarees have a combination of both cotton and silk materials. The unique zari design weaving is the specialty of this particular fabric.