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In India, we have seen many styles of sarees becoming popular over time. We are going to reflect on traditional Dhakai jamdani sarees from the states of the northeast. Although the roots of the saree are in Bangladesh, it has found another home in the Indian state.

Jamdani sarees are one of the finest variants of muslin and the most labor-intensive forms of handloom woven fabric. 

These sarees come with pretty motifs woven into the fabric, and can be classified based on the motifs you will find on the sarees. For instance, butidari sarees or little flowers and jal work that cover the full saree.
Legacy of Bhojraj introduces you to our rare Muslin Dhakai jamdani saree collection. Interested to learn more about them? Keep reading!

5 Different Types Of Dhakai Jamdani Sarees

We’re here to highlight our list of the top 5 Best Dhakai Jamdani Saree Of 2024 that will enhance your look on weddings, festivals, and other occasions. 

Blended Dhakai Jamdani Saree with small butta work 

It’s a great choice if you’re seeking something comfortable to wear. Explore our budget-friendly Dhakai Jamdani saree that comes woven from pure cotton. These sarees feature small butta work on the body and come in either single or multiple shades. The Butta work on the cotton Jamdani saree will vary in patterns and size.  

Blended Muslin Dhakai jamdani saree with Karat work

If you’re looking for a graceful Jamdani saree to wear on puja festivals, you can opt for them. It’s woven from muslin, making the sarees easy to carry and comfortable. Versatility is one specialty of these sarees that allows you to try multiple styles every time you drape this saree. For a more modern look, you can accessorize the saree with statement jewelry and pair it with a contrasting blouse piece.

Blended Muslin Dhakai jamdani saree with golden zari work

These sarees are a visual treat for all saree lovers out there. Whether it’s a puja or a formal occasion, these Muslin Dhakai jamdani sarees will make you look stunning. The pallu and border of the sarees are beautifully lined with golden zari that make them even more graceful. 

Blended Muslin Dhakai  Saree With  Jamdani Design

Such Dhakai sarees feature motifs and patterns meticulously woven into the saree. These sarees feature butti work made using colorful threads on the saree. While some sarees come in a single bright or dark shade, others are available in multiple colors and the patterns on add a contemporary touch to the traditional saree. 

Blended Muslin Dhakai  Saree With Laheriya Design

This Dhakai Jamdani saree is made from muslin, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The laheriya work on the jamdani saree enhances its appeal further. It’s indeed versatile and you can try different draping styles each time you wear this saree. 

Specialties Of Dhakai Jamdani Sarees 

Jamdani sarees from Legacy of Bhojraj are available at various price points and each range has some specialties to offer.
Note that the designs on the saree will change based on the price range and fabric used.

Dhakai jamdani sarees available at 1050 INR are woven from the finest quality muslin and feature gorgeous designs on the full pallu of the saree. In general, these sarees come in single or multiple colors with small resham butta work on the paar and border. You can opt for them if you’re seeking a Soft Dhakai jamdani saree at a low range. 

Dhakai Jamdani sarees, available at 2450 INR, come in the same or contrasting shades with Resham butta work on the body. These sarees come in Laheriya pattern, zig-zag, or jal work on the body. Some may also come with floral designs. It often comes with a running blouse piece. 

Jamdani sarees priced at 2650 INR come with Resham butta or golden zari butta work on the body. It features a unique combination of pure muslin and silk fabric. These sarees have a running blouse piece and feature a single color with copper zari work on the saree. While there’s a flower design on the pallu, there’s golden butta work on the body.

Perfect Occasion To Wear A Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Now that we’ve discussed intricate work and designs on our Jamdani sarees, let us know when you can wear them. 

Wedding parties: Do you have a wedding invitation to attend? If yes, you can opt for our Jamdani saree available at 2450 INR, These sarees come with a copper zari work on the body that adds a touch of elegance. These sarees come with golden butta work on the body. You can opt for a royal blue or classy Red Dhakai jamdani saree. 

Festivals: Festivals are a time that calls for celebration.  Is there anything better than a Dhakai Jandabu saree to relish the festive spirit? You can opt for a  White Dhakai jamdani saree on occasions like Durga Ashtami, or Diwali. You can go for sarees with traditional patterns or floral motifs to capture the essence of the festivity. 

Formal gatherings: We feel that Dhakai Jamdani sarees shouldn’t be reserved for traditional occasions only, you can wear them at cocktail paries and other gatherings. You can opt for a dark color saree that adds a touch of sophistication to your look. You’ll be at the epitome of grace and beauty.

 Tricks On Styling Dhakai Jamdani Sarees

These sarees are versatile and can be styled in various ways based on the occasions or events you attend. Legacy of Bhojraj shares tips on styling Dhakai jamdani sarees.

Weddings: You can choose muslin Jamdani sarees in bold colors and heavy work to wear on a wedding or reception party. Accessorize it with a sequin clutch, and chandelier earrings, and try a neat hair bun for a regal look. 

Casual occasions: As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to reserve these sarees for special occasions only. You can also wear them on casual occasions. For that purpose, you can choose Jamdani sarees in a lighter fabric, such as cotton. Pair the saree with a Kolhapuri chappal and sling bag.  

Festivals: A Muslin or cotton Jamdani saree with butta work all over the body is ideal to be worn on festivals. You can match the saree with a pair of jhumkas and a potli bag for a more traditional look in festive times. 

Buy Soft Dhakai Jamdani Saree From Legacy Of Bhojraj 

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There’s no doubt that Dhakai Jamdani is the most loved of all Muslin sarees available out there. It comes in a diversified range of designs, making it so exceptional. If you want to shop for the best dhakai jamdani saree, we’ve you covered. Here. we’ve discussed the varieties of sarees you can shop, and how to accessorize them for different occasions. We have provided details on the design aspects of Jamdani sarees so that you know what you want while shopping for one.  


How to identify a real Dhakai saree?

In Dhakai sarees, the same thread gets pulled from one motif to another to produce a lovely fine line. But, if you find the threads sticking out from the back, it means that the saree isn’t a genuine one. 

How to maintain dhakai jamdani saree?

You need to dry-wash the saree to keep the pattern as detailed and intricate as they’re for years to come. Don’t hand-wash the saree, as the threads may get displaced and cause irreversible damage to the saree.