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Legacy of Bhojraj has covered every aspect of Durga puja shopping tips in this blog so that you don’t have to keep on researching till the last moment.

Durga Puja Saree Shopping Tips

The saree is an important garment for every woman during Durga puja. It helps you to give a natural free-flowing look while you drape a saree around yourself. We are going to give you five Durga puja saree shopping tips that will help you to look gorgeous as well as, will help you to keep your budget in check.

  1. Fix your budget - We know it is difficult to talk about money with our elders but having a fixed budget helps you to keep in reality and then you can equally divide your money with the dress you want to buy. It not only saves you from heartbreak but also helps you to know what and how much you can get.

  2. Decide whether you wish to get traditional or Western dresses- Buying a new dress during Durga puja is not only a trend but also has traditional importance, but you should always make up your mind whether you want to get western or traditional dresses and what kind of western dresses such as jeans, jumpsuits, frocks, etc. or traditional dresses such as sarees,, lehenga, salwar suits, etc.

  3. Buy a petticoat according to the color of the saree- The most common mistake that a woman makes is using white, beige, neutral, and skin color petticoat over every color saree be it pink, yellow, blue, brown, etc. instead you should wear a pink petticoat with pink saree, a yellow petticoat with a yellow saree, etc., to get an elegant look with the saree.

  4. Your blouse material should match the saree fabric- Contrasting blouse pieces are the most trending styles nowadays but we should not forget to match the fabric of the blouse should be equivalent with the fabric of the saree. For example, if you are wearing a silk saree you should always wear a blouse made up of silk fabric or fabric which gives the appearance of silk.

  5. Make a mood board- Researching the latest trends and styles can help you to make up your mind on what you like and what you don’t and can help you find exactly what you really want in really less time.

Durga Puja shopping essentials-


Durga Puja is a celebration of ten days of festivities, This festival with the family calls for unlimited food, pandal hopping, and styling yourself with new clothes. In today’s blog, we are going to share with you Durga Puja saree shopping tips, so without wasting your time let’s hop into five essential items that you need to buy this Durga puja or you can say it is 2023 Durga Puja shopping essentials:-

Narayanpet Saree- You can wear this classic saree when you are confused but want to carry something light and traditional so you can style it with Kundan, American Diamond, or Polki jewelry to get that royal look with comfort and minimal glowing makeup.

Pure Linen Saree- This elegant saree with beautiful golden, silver, and copper zari work gives you a graceful contemporary look with minimal makeup with kitten heels making you look gorgeous and is lightweight, comfortable, body-hugging, and soft in texture.

Banarasi Khaddi Georgette- You can choose to wear this gorgeous saree when you just want all the attention on your beautiful outfit without making much effort, just the regular kajal, mascara, and bold lipstick can help you achieve a flawless look.

Pure Tussar Silk- In the joy and enjoyment of Durga puja, you cannot complete your lookbook without the beauty of this refined saree. These sarees come in solid colors with simple zari work, making them a perfect option for Mahaashtami pushpanjali. This saree is easy to drape, looks graceful, and has a very soft texture which is why it does not hinder while you offer your prayer to the goddess.

Shoes- Clothing is definitely an important part of Durga puja shopping, but the importance of good shoes cannot be ignored with your top-notch looks, as they give fine structure to your legs. Some must-have shoes are kitten heels, mules, sneakers, and wedges in beige, black, and brown colors as they go with every color saree or any kind of clothing be it pink, yellow, red, blue, etc.

Avoid mistakes while buying Pujo sarees

A few days are left for Durga puja, and you have kept a note on every Durga puja saree shopping tips that is available over the internet, but we tend to avoid mistakes while buying pujo sarees as they have the ability to break your overall look no matter how expensive your saree is. The five most common mistakes while buying puja sarees are as follows:-

Don’t get heavy border sarees- It is a general mentality of every woman that the heavier the border of the saree, the saree looks more luxurious and traditional but the reality is the heavier the border the more bulky you look you should always opt for light border saree to get the smart look this Durga puja.

Choose the right color saree- Color plays an important role in how you look overall. So, you should not always go with the colors that are in the style trend but with the colors that suit you the most but if you are confused then maroon, brown, green, white, etc. looks good on everyone no matter what your skin tone is.

Don’t buy heavy work sarees- Since it is Durga puja time and all the festivities are around the corner, most women will tend to buy heavy work sarees but you should choose a saree with a natural golden sheen and light pattern to get you a sophisticated look with just a statement earring.

Not thinking about the alteration- Alternation is an important part of getting new clothes which is mostly ignored by almost every person, but you should always keep spare fifteen days for alteration during pujas as your new sarees will require to get fall, pico, and blouse made and the festive season is quite hectic and busy so the tailor will take a week extra than their usual timings.

Not deciding on how many pieces of sarees you need to buy- You are always confused and overwhelmed with the variety of sarees that you find all around you, no matter whether you are surfing on the net or in the physical market in this situation the only problem lies in not deciding beforehand how many sarees in total you will require in overall, which in the later part of the day not only makes your budget go haywire and you will also end up buying way more than you need.


Durga puja is not just a festival but an emotion for most of us Durga puja saree shopping tips come to us as a boon because during this time we not only get traditional sarees or party wear saree but also daily wear saree and these tips can help you to bifurcate what you actually need and how much you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to wear in Durga puja?

There is a variety of options in the clothing industry when it comes to Durga puja such as frocks, lehenga, jumpsuits, etc. but no one can deny the magic of saree especially white-red saree which gives the perfect Durga puja feel with the smell of dhunuchi.

Q. Which saree is best for Durga puja?

Ganga-Jamuna  type of sarees is the best option in sarees as they give a colorful and bright appearance to you.

Q. Which color to wear during Durga puja?

An orange color saree is the perfect color option to wear during Durga puja as this color is of passion and positivity.

September 15, 2023 — Web Bhojraj

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