In need of ideas or inspirations on How to style linen saree? You’re on the right page. Linen sarees have long been a wardrobe add-on, loved by Indian women for their versatility, and comfort. They exude a fusion of deep natural connection and versatile elegance. Made of natural fiber, linen has been the choice of women for ages. 

With their light and airy feel and classy look, linen sarees have recently captured the hearts of saree lovers worldwide. When accessorizing original linen sarees, women often go for a naive choice.

But long gone are the days when you’d just put on a flashy outlook with bright sarees only. A Dark blue linen saree offers you a new look and you can make a style statement with a saree from Legacy of Bhojraj

Keep reading to learn about unique Linen saree draping styles with the right level of simplicity and classy couture. 

How To Style Linen Saree 2024

In this section we are going to discuss how to style a linen saree for different occasions like parties, weddings, and offices.

How to style linen saree for party

Sarees are one versatile and interesting outfit. Draping in a linen saree can make you appear elegant and sensual. Did you know that you can wear a single saree in ten unique ways? Well, it’s right. There are a couple of factors that you need to think about while donning a saree for parties.  

Colour Play: To create a strong party statement, choose linen sarees in bold colours like deep reds, royal blues, emerald greens, or regal purples.

Pallu Draping: Always try different pallu design when you wear your saree, this adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your overall look.

Pleating : When wearing a linen saree for a party always neatly arrange the pleats, doing this properly will facelift your entire saree look.

Confidence is Key : Always wear your linen saree with confidence, thinking that it is the best accessory that you are carrying for your party look.

How to style linen saree for wedding

Wedding is a very important occasion and styling your Linen should be unique and elegant, So below we will give 2 pro tips that will make you the center of attraction at any wedding.

Elegant Embellishments: Always choose a linen saree with rich zari work, detailed embroidery, or sparkles for wedding. These details give the saree a more royal look that is fitting for a wedding ceremony.

Right Colour Selection: Choose rich, deep colours like maroon, royal blue, or deep green to exude a royal tone that enhances the celebratory ambiance of a wedding.

How to style linen saree for office wear

Pure Linen Sarees

Styling and selecting a linen saree for your regular office wear can be sometimes complicated and tricky. So below we will mention 4 pro tips that will make you stand out from the rest of your colleagues.

  1.  Colour Selection: Selecting the right colour for your office wear is very important. Always opt for lines sarees that have neutral or pastel shades, like white, cream, light gray or blue. Wearing these colours to the office will give a very professional look and also a hint of elegance.
  2.  Styling The Pleats: When wearing a linen saree to office ensue that the pleats are aligned properly and neatly tucked in. Well-arranged pleats will give you a formal and polished look in your office.
  3.  Draping Style: When doing the drape of your pure linen saree, try to stick to the classic draping style such as Nivi style, thus giving you a more elegant and professional look in your office.
  4.  Pattern Of the Saree : Select a linen saree that has minimal embroidery work, delicate motifs and some checks on its body.

Type of blouse design to select for linen sarees

When selecting the blouse for this saree opt for a boat neck or a high neck blouse, which has simple design. You can also wear elbow length sleeve blouses, combining all this will give your linen saree a more appealing and vibrant look.

How to accessorize linen sarees

Properly accessorizing your linen saree will enhance the overall look of your saree. Whether you are wearing it to your office or to any special event, choosing the right accessorize is the key. So below in 3 points we will discuss what kind of shoes, handbags, and jewellery are best suitable for this saree.

Correct Shoes: If you are wearing this saree in your office then consider taking a tote bags as these bags are big in size helping you to take all your essentials while giving you a professional look.

If you are wearing this to any occasion then take a clutch bag, or a potli bag, as these two bags will provide you a sleek look, thus adding more elegance to your overall look.

Correct Footwear : Depending on the situation and your unique taste, choose block heels for adaptability, juttis/Kolhapuris for a classic touch, or pointed-toe flats for comfort and flair. Wearing this type of footwear with your linen saree will give you comfort and sense of fashion at the same time.

Correct Jewellery : Choosing the right jewellery will enhance your overall fashion. If you are visiting a wedding ceremony then you can wear a gold or silver necklace, or a choker necklace, with small stud earrings completing your wrists with traditional gold bangles, as this gives a more traditional and elegant look.

If you are wearing this saree to the office then always go for minimalistic jewellery as it gives a professional look.

How to style linen saree in the Saraswati puja

Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja, call it whatever you want, you can’t deny that the major Hindu festival is incomplete without a graceful yellow linen saree. Celebrated on the fifth day of Magh, the festival commemorates Devi Saraswati’s birthday.

Saraswati Puja and sarees go together like best friends at a party! It’s not just a saree; it’s a conversation with knowledge, a wink at tradition, and a high-five to style!

Turn heads with a bold bindi that shouts confidence, paired with designer earrings that whisper elegance. And, oh, those deep kohled eyes? They're the secret weapon in your arsenal of style. Now, let's dive into two unique ideas on How to style a linen saree. 

  • Floral Finesse: This Saraswati puja, pair up your linen saree with vibrant floral bangles that bloom like the knowledge you seek. Enhance your looks with silver German earrings or jhumkas. A gold or silver-toned watch can be an ideal add-on. 
  • Nail it a pendant and Kolhapuri Chappal: A yellow or Dark blue linen saree with a white-colored jutti or Kolhapuri chappal can brighten your daytime Saraswati Puja look. Hang a tiny pencil pendant from your necklace.


Draping a linen saree is like painting a canvas of comfort and grace. From Saraswati Puja's bright charm to parties and office wear, let each fold tell your story. It's not just fabric; it's your style, beautifully unfolded.

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Is linen a good fabric for saree?

Linen sarees are a great choice for daily wear sarees for work and also for wedding purposes. The fabric that is used in making it makes it two times stronger than any regular saree.

Is linen saree hard or soft?

Linen saree is really soft in texture, thus making it breathable and comfortable.

How comfortable are linen sarees?

Linen saree is really very comfortable, the material that is used in making of these sarees makes it breathable and comfortable, which makes a perfect saree to wear in tropical climates like India.

Is linen saree easy to wear?

Yes, linen sarees are quite comfy to wear. Due to its origin from flax plant, the fabric of a linen saree is a bit thick, breathable and durable. A Bottle green linen saree from Legacy of Bhojraj is bound to offer optimal comfort in all types of weather conditions.


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