Do you want to wear a silk saree which will make you look awesome and flatter each and every one, who ever sees you? If yes then buy Gadwal Silk Saree from Legacy of Bhojraj.The reason for preferring Legacy of Bhojraj while buying Gadwal silk is we offer the silk mark certified tag which assures its a pure silk saree which you may not get from other fashion brands. Its a purely handwoven silk saree which is done by our skilled weavers. 

If you want to know more about how to identify gadwal silk then scroll down and the read the whole article with full of attention.


Now we will be discussing some of the most unique features of the saree that is unique in itself. Yes, you are right we are talking about “Gadwal Saree”, the saree which makes any Indian lady feel like a queen. So below are some of the features:-

The first unique feature of this saree is its joints which happens when it is weaved. There are actually two joints, the first one is called the vertical joint which actually attaches the body of the saree with its border and the second one is called the horizontal joint which actually attaches the body of the “Gadwal Saree” along with its pallu.

 The second coolest feature of this “Gadwal Silk Saree “is the material that the weaver uses while weaving this saree. The blend of cotton and the quality of silk that they use, is really comfortable and feels so smooth.

The third feature that we will be discussing is about striking borders of the pretty Gadwal Saree”.  These borders are uniquely woven by the elite “Gadwal Silk weavers” which are then attached to the sarees separately.

The fourth unique features is its blend of cotton and silk, which makes it really lightweight. Thus making Silk Gadwal your best friend in summer time.

The last important feature is its versatility which allows you to wore this saree in any kind of occasion, from birthday party to Pujas or it can also be worn for your everyday look.

Benefits Of Buying Gadwal Silk Sarees

Now we are going to discuss 5 benefits of Gadwal Silk Saree that are as follows

  1. The biggest benefit is its unique style.
  2. Its lightweight makes it comfortable to wear in various climates.
  3. Its versatility makes it a perfect saree for various ocassion.
  4. The usage of high quality silk makes it a long lasting saree.
  5. Wearing a Gadwal silk saree can be a way to connect with the rich cultural traditions of India.


Only one negative is its price. The price of this pure silk saree is on the higher side. So if you cannot afford its price then you can have Pure tussar silk saree which is much more budget friendly compared to silk gadwal.

How To Identify Gadwal Silk Saree

To be honest there are thousand different ways to identify a “Gadwal Sarees” but today we are going to discuss one single way of identifying silk gadwal saree that is

You should look for kuttu border to identify the actual Gadwal saree. Yes, you heard right the “kuttu borders”. Kuttu borders are actually those type of borders that are often used in the making of Gadwal sarees. These kinds of borders are characterized by their beauty and high contrast of colour that are used by the “Gadwal Silk Weavers”, thus making a mark on the hearts of the Indian women.

 The Kuttu Border is often designed containing various geometric shapes and it also contains the uniqueness of floral motifs and the colour scheme that is used is nearly breathtaking.

What is the difference between Gadwal silk sarees and paithani silk sarees?


Gadwal Silk Saree

Paithani Silk Saree


Gadwal silk originates from Gadwal,Telangana.

Paithani Silk originates from Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Weaving Technique


Tapestry weaving

Why should you choose gadwal silk saree?

Since gadwal sarees are a popular choice for the customer due to numerous reasons and some of which are discussed below:

Quality: It is made up of high-quality silk that gives them a soft and polished texture as well as durable. They are also lightweight and comfortable to carry when you are traveling a long distance.

Rich colors: It is available in very vibrant and bold colors which makes it stand out and it is a graceful outfit for any occasion.

 Is it possible to attain any kind of gift card on gawal silk sarees from Legacy of Bhojraj?

Absolutely, LegacyofBhojraj does provide gift cards up to Rs. 500 which you can redeem in your next purchase.


Congratulations to all the “Superb People”, who all have taken the burden to go through our article. I think after reading this article you have got all the information about Gadwal Pattu Saree which I think will help you in your purchase. Specially How To Identify Gadwal Silk Saree point will help you in finding the pure material made gadwal silk saree. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is special in Gadwal silk sarees?

The specialty of a traditional Gadwal sari is that the body is woven in cotton threads while the border and pallu are made of silk.

What is Gadwal silk famous for?

Gadwal silk is famous for its lightweight and kuttu border. 

Is Gadwal silk pure silk?

Yes, Gadwal Silk is a pure silk saree. We offer Silk certified tags on the sarees which signifies that it's a pure silk-made saree. So if you want to have a pure silk certified saree then without having any doubt you can select the Gadwal silk saree

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