If you have clicked on this blog, there are high chances you are getting married within six months so congratulation on the first step to your journey, your wedding day is one of the most crucial days and decisions of your life, and getting nervous or excited in this phase is very natural and your wedding wear plays an important role making it memorable as well as it is an expensive purchase.

Choosing the right attire is a difficult option in the ocean of wedding wear so don’t worry Legacy of Bhojraj is here to guide you on how to choose your wedding wear.

Questions to ask yourselves before choosing your wedding wear?

How many attires I will need?

Being brought up in an Indian family, we know that there is huge diversity in Indian tradition so, your wedding celebration can last anywhere between two days to fifteen days so research accordingly about how many functions will be held and then decide about the attires you will be requiring accordingly. 

Whether I like traditional or trending wedding wear?

In today’s world of social media, we are highly influenced by shorts, reels, and celebrity-styled costumes but we need to ask ourselves what we really like whether what we are seeing or whether we like traditional settings in our wedding wear or a fusion of everything.

What is my budget?

Yes, we know it is uncomfortable to talk about how much we have in our pockets and want to buy everything available under the sky but we have to understand that the functions are fixed and money is limited, so it is better if we define our budget rather than facing distress and being grumpy at a later point of time.

Is my wedding happening at my house or hotel?

Prior to your shopping, please decide or have a discussion with your family whether you are getting married at your house or in some hotel. As you browse for wedding wear keep the venue in mind because the last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable at your own wedding.

Am I 100% sure to get my wedding wear?

Before finalizing your wedding wear please ask yourself if you are 100% sure to get this attire. Is it the attire you have imagined yourself in? Are you happy with the embroidery? If all the answers are ‘ yes’ then it is your wedding wear and if not then keep on looking for options.

If you wants to avoid the mistakes while choosing wedding wear then read the given points by clicking on the blue color link. 


What are the mistakes a bride does while choosing her wedding wear?

Here are six mistakes that Legacy of Bhojraj would like to point out to the bride before choosing her wedding wear.

1. Being overwhelmed by option

It is very common to be overwhelmed by the options available in the bridal couture, but you need to remember you have all the luxury to try everything but not the luxury to experiment with everything so stick to the reference picture that you have adore while researching and shortlisting.

2 Bringing the wrong shopping partner

I know you love all your friends, cousins and would be-in-laws but hold on you don’t need to bring each one of them. Less is always more while you are doing your shopping partner so choose wisely. Choose those persons who know your taste style and color and one person who can calm you down when you are being overwhelmed.

3 Judging the dress on its hanger.

It has happened with us so many times that we got the dress out of hanger just because we liked it and when we tried it at our house something was off but at that point of time we let it go but remember it is your wedding wear and if you do any such mistakes you are going to regret all your life so try and then decide.

4 Having unrealistic budget 

It is better to know what and how much you have in your hand to spend because crying over the spilt milk does not make any sense. You might like a wedding wear that is costing around fifteen lakh but later you get to know your parent’s budget is just five lakhs, what are you going to do then?

5 Rushing to get the dress

            You need to calm down, I know you are enthusiastic about your wedding dress shopping. You not only need to fix your budget  but also do some research about your wedding dress that is discussed below and not rush into it.

6 Forgetting about alteration

Being given the set timeline to the brides in India and its subcontinent and the shopping being the never ending process it is very natural for the brides and their family to forget about the alteration but you should never do this because an ill-fitted clothes can never look flattering no matter how expensive it is.

How to choose your wedding wear?

Here are Eight piece of advice that Legacy of Bhojraj would like to give you before you jump into shopping for your wedding wear.

  1. Research 

Rip off the magazines pages. Know what you like the most. Look for inspiration from magazine, pinterest and anywhere from the internet and find the common things that is attracting you towards the picture.

2  Pick the adjectives you would like to define your wedding dress as

 Shopping an wedding dress is a hectic process and you may get into a lot of problems if you don't know how to define it and the aunties and your mother will convenience you for a traditional wedding dress which may or may not be your choice.

3 Keep travel arrangements in mind

Always keep travel arrangements in mind and pack accordingly because in airport or railway station you don’t want to be the one fumbling in check in to get the right documents to show.

4 Pay attention to the fabric

It is very common among the brides that they pay attention to the details of the embroidery and lace but they forget the fabric. Choose your fabric wisely, as the fabric will decide how your wedding wear will look on you and how comfortable you are going to be on your wedding day.

5 Bring photographs for reference

Remember ripping of the magazine pages from your research and shortlisting pictures and now from that shortlisted pictures select three pictures which you like the most and take them to the shops and show them the photograph for reference so that they know what you like.

6 Know that mirrors are deceiving.

It is even more crucial that you rely on pictures and videos to receive an accurate preview of how you'll appear in your wedding dress because every mirror might alter how you appear

7 Take professional help.

It is necessary to take professional help when you need or when you are confused because they are trained for this for years and know what looks best on you.

8 “Changing my body” trap

It is very common in the brides-to-be to live in the delusion that they will change their body to fit into that wedding wear but the fact is you can only loose few kilos here and there but not your body.


What are the question you need to ask the shopkeeper before buying a wedding wear?

Here are the five questions that you should ask your shopkeeper before getting your wedding wear.

1 What is the turnaround time?

Suppose you see a wedding wear in the shop and you feel this is the one and you ask the shopkeeper and he say it is stock out then you must ask the minimum and maximum turn around time for the piece of clothing and then you should keep at least two months extra in your hands and keep on looking for back up wedding dress until your choice of wedding dress is restock. 

2 What are the colors and patterns available?

   Don’t stop at the first choice, of the wedding dress that you saw ask for colors and patterns available in the same fabric.

3 What is the total weight of the wedding wear?

            Weight of your wedding wear is an important factor because you can’t carry a heavy wedding wear all throughout the rituals, so knowing the weight of your wedding wear plays an important role because in emotion you can opt for a ten kilograms of wedding wear but in practicality you may not even carry a five kilograms of the wedding wear due to various factor.

4 What are the customization option?

Their might be chances that you liked the fabric of one wedding wear but you liked the embroidery of different wedding wear so you must ask the shopkeeper if the customization is available or not.

5 What are the return and exchange policy?

Knowing the return and exchange policy beforehand helps you to know what you are opting for and what are the chances of exchanging or returning the wedding wear if you change your mind.

How to choose a wedding dress for your body type?

 When shopping for wedding attire, it's crucial to choose the right outfit that complements your body type. Women have various body shapes, so finding the perfect dress or suit that suits your figure is essential.

Becoming a dream girl is not impossible anymore in your wedding day; you just need to follow our 3 tips, regardless of your body type -

For Slim Body Type- If you have a slim figure, you're lucky because almost every dress looks great on you! However, when selecting wedding attire, consider organza fabric. You might also explore crepe and cotton sarees. Don't worry too much—whatever you choose, you'll look perfect in every photograph! 

For Medium Body Type- If you have a medium body figure, you're fortunate to be able to experiment with various fabrics. However, if aiming for a picture-perfect look, selecting the right fabric becomes crucial. If you adore a traditional appearance for your wedding, we highly recommend a Katan Benarasi saree for your special day.

For Curvy Body Type- If you have a curvy body type, there's no need to worry. Just follow these tips, and you'll find your perfect match. Consider trying a polka dot georgette Benarasi saree or a floral printed one. If you're unsure where to buy, don't stress—simply visit the best wedding saree shop in Kolkata, Legacy Of Bhojraj to achieve your dream look for your grand wedding.


Making the ideal wedding attire selection is a significant choice that needs careful thought. In today's blog we have covered questions to ask yourselves before choosing your wedding wear, what are the mistakes a bride does while choosing her wedding wear, how to choose your wedding wear, what are the question you need to ask the shopkeeper before buying a wedding wear and frequently asked question by the brides.

If you are bulky or slim then you should know how to choose a wedding dress for your body type because every saree does not suits in everyone's body. 

Thanks for reading this blog. If you find this article informative, then do not forget to share this article with your friends and relatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to choose a wedding dress color?

You should always refer to your skin tone and color for choosing your wedding dress color.

2 What is my skin tone?

To know ones skin color is very easy because we get to see through our naked eyes but to know the skin tone there is two simple ways first one the veins in your wrist if it is green then you have pink under tones and warm color suits you, if it is blue then you are wheatish undertone and cool tone suits you and if you have greenish -blue veins then both family of warm and cool colors suits you. The second way to identify is wearing gold and silver jewelery if gold jewelry bring the glow in your face then you have pink under tones and warm color suits you, if silver jewelry bring the glow in your face then you are wheatish undertone and cool tone suits you and if both gold and silver jewelry bring glow to your face then both family of warm and cool colors suits you.

3 How to pick a wedding dress style?

It totally depends on your body type whether a lehenga, saree, sharara, or salwar suit will suit your body or not.

4 How to choose a bridesmaid dress?

Always remember bride comes first after choosing bride’s dress you can contrast the bridesmaid dress according to the color and style.

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