Mangalgiri sico sarees are like a blend of beauty and comfort! They're made from a special mix of silk and cotton, giving them a unique shine and feel. You’d feel light as a feather in cotton, but also have that extra sparkle from silk! Plus, they're budget-friendly, making them a great choice instead of pure silk sarees.

Our Mangalgiri sico sarees have this royal touch with golden threadwork on the border and a simple, elegant body. And if you're thinking of getting one, you're in luck! At Legacy of Bhojraj, we've got a fantastic collection waiting just for you.

We'll show you all the different types of Mangalagiri sarees we have and suggest where you can wear them. So, why wait? Keep reading!

Types of Mangalgiri Sico Sarees

Following are the varieties of Mangalgiri sico sarees available at Legacy of Bhojraj.

Semi silk sarees: We present you with a variety of semi-silk Mangalgiri sarees which consist of 60% silk and 40% cotton fabric. The design and work will vary from one saree to another. These sarees may or may not have a definite border.

Sarees with temple border: You can’t resist the charm of these Mangalgiri sico sarees that resemble or get inspired from the structure of the temple. It comes in complementary or contrasting colors that add a layer of charm.

Sarees with peta zari border: Such sarees come with rich pallu and small butta all over, and come in peta border designs. It comes with intricate design details on the pallu.

How to identify a Mangalgiri Sico Saree

Are you looking to buy an exclusive Mangalgiri sico saree? Well, you should know the things to look for in a  saree when buying one.

This saree is simple but beautiful. It has a plain body and comes with a running blouse piece that matches.
One special thing about this saree is its border. The border has a special 'inchi' design and it contrasts nicely with the color of the Mangalgiri saree.
A pure Mangalgiri sico saree has (than base) that makes it comfortable, and breathable. These sarees come dyed in bright colors and flaunt intricate embroidery.

Overall, this saree is perfect for everyday wear. It's simple, elegant, and comfortable to wear regularly.

Purpose to wear a Mangalgiri Sico Saree

In this section, we will reflect on the purposes of draping in a Mangalgiri sico saree.

Mangalgiri Sico sarees mix silk and cotton. They're great for weddings, parties, and formal events. Let's see where you can wear them!

Since these sarees have a combination of silk and cotton, they are easy to drape and makes you feel comfortable for hours. You can wear them to an office or any formal workplace.

Have a party at your place? If you need something simple, and elegant to wear, you can simply go for this saree. It’s simple but not too glossy or shiny.

How to accessorize a Mangalgiri Sico saree

You can be creative while accessorizing a Mangalgiri sico saree. Let’s tell you how to ace your style game.

1. Jewelry: Keep it light and lovely with delicate earrings or a pretty pendant. Heavy jewelry? Nah, you steal the show in light pieces of jewelry!

2. Footwear: Stay comfy with sandals or flats for that relaxed vibe. But if you're feeling fancy, you can try out heels!  It will enhance your saree look effortlessly.

3. Bag: Grab a cute clutch or handbag in a matching color. Keep it light, though. Heavy bags? No thanks! Keep it light, chic, and oh-so-stylish!"

Mangalgiri Sico Saree 2024 Collections by color


Legacy of Bhojraj presents you with a unique and exclusive collection of Mangalgiri Sico Saree 2024. Let’s check it out!

Orange Mangalgiri Sico Saree: Step into elegance with our Orange Mangalgiri Sico Saree! Perfect for formal gatherings, it feels as cozy as a warm hug. And that vibrant orange? It suits everyone, adding a radiant glow to your look!

Yellow Mangalgiri Sico Saree: Looking for something special for this Saraswati Puja or haldi ceremony? Our Yellow Mangalgiri Sico Saree has you covered! Its silky-cotton blend keeps you comfy all day. And with a matching blouse piece, you can mix and match to your heart's content!

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Are you still reading the article? If yes, you find that we've covered all the bases: types of sarees when to wear them, and even tips on accessorizing. Now that you’ve gone through this post, you’ll find it easy to choose a sico saree that matches your persona and style prerequisites. Make the most of the opportunity to invest in a saree that will become a cherished part of your wardrobe, reflecting your personality and cultural appreciation.


What is special in Mangalgiri sarees?

Looking for a saree that's as versatile as you are? Look no further than a Mangalgiri sico saree! It's your go-to for feeling cool and comfy, no matter the season. From everyday wear to fancy events, it's got you covered. With its stunning details and delicate borders, each saree tells a story of generations of skilled weavers. Try one and feel the magic yourself!

How to identify Mangalgiri sarees?

Mangalgiri sico sarees have a solid texture and feel different from others. They're softer because they don't have a starchy finish. This makes them comfy to wear all day!