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Who says sarees can’t be worn regularly? Whether you head to work or attend a casual party, our Daily wear sarees are your go-to choice for making a bold fashion statement. Indeed, sarees have been an inseparable part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe since time immemorial. We don’t see a decline in their popularity anytime soon. 

Legacy of Bhojraj presents you with an exclusive collection of  Regular wear sarees. Our sarees aren’t only fashionable but also comfortable to wear. It's easy to drape, breathable, and lightweight. Want to learn more about regular sarees and how to  accessorize them? Check out the colors of sarees available and know how to wear them. Keep reading!

Explore A Wide Range Of Daily Wear Sarees Available At Legacy Of Bhojraj 

Excited to take a peek at the types of everyday wear sarees available at Legacy of Bhojraj? In this section, we will provide you with a list of everyday wear sarees. 

Cotton Kanchipuram (Editor’s Choice): Cotton Kanchipuram sarees are an evergreen collection perfect for all occasions. It is available in a variety of shades, designs, and patterns. While one with a temple border gives you a traditional look,  cotton Kanchipuram sarees with resham butta work as a stunner. From peach pink to pista green and Chandan, you’ve plenty of options to choose from.  Cotton Kanchipuram sarees are also affordable, ranging from ₹1250 to ₹2900, which makes it alluring for ladies from all walks of life. You can go for the one priced at ₹2900 if you’re looking for a fancy Daily wear saree for new bride. 

Narayanpet Cotton: Looking for an easy-to-drape and skin-friendly everyday wear saree? Well, you can give Narayanpet a try. Our Naraynapet cotton sarees come with a striped pallu that adds a touch of grace. The border and pallu come in contrasting colors that make them so tempting. You can wear them to corporate office events, evening hangouts, and cultural programs. From mint green and mustard yellow to dark red, you can get a variety of Narayanpet cotton sarees at just ₹1450. 

Mangalgiri Cotton: Want to try a regular wear classy cotton saree? Our Mangalgiri cotton sarees will be your best pick. You can choose between one with a zari border and a saree with a temple border. Whichever you choose, these cotton sarees will make you look gorgeous without weighing you down. Experience the timeless charm and sheer comfort of Mangalgiri cotton sarees, making them a part of your wardrobe for an effortless subtle look. These sarees are affordable with a price tag of ₹1950. 

Mercerized Gadwal (Budget Edition): Are you looking for budget-friendly, lightweight everyday wear cotton sarees? A Mercerized Gadwal saree is woven from fine cotton with pallus and borders machine-woven using extensive interlock techniques. You can try one, especially when you need to attend to guests or on puja occasions at your home. The lightweight nature and breathable fabric make it a perfect everyday wear saree. 

Dhakai Jamdani (Latest Collection): It’s a must-have if you’re looking for Latest daily use sarees. Dhakai Jamdani saree has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with its vibrant color combination and intricate weaving. It flaunts a feather-light texture, striking patterns, and attractive designs. Its lightweight and breathable nature makes it a perfect regular-wear saree. Dhakai Jamdani sarees feature handwoven motifs and delicate patterns that add a touch of elegance. 

Pure Linen (Best Saree To Wear On A Party)   

You can’t resist the allure of our pure linen sarees that come with an elegant pattern and striking color contrast. From wine, and rust to sea blue, our linen sarees come in a range of vibrant colors. Whether it’s an evening party or a corporate one, it’s bound to make you look attractive. Tassels hanging from the border make the saree look even more sophisticated and it will cost you just  ₹2500.

Latest Trend In Regular Wear Saree   

With changing demands and fashion trends, regular wear sarees have gradually evolved. Following are the latest trends in regular wear sarees to watch out for in 2024.

Lightweight Drapes: Regular wear sarees are primarily woven from fabrics, including cotton, linen, or chiffon. These are durable and look new year after year.

Minimalist Design: Sarees featuring subtle, clear, and simple patterns are in trend. Sarees with delicate borders and minimalist design give an understated look.

Occasions For Everyday Wear Sarees  

Everyday wear sarees are adaptable and offer the perfect balance of style and comfort on a variety of occasions. Consider investing in a budget-friendly regular-wear saree to make a style statement wherever you go.

Household Purpose: Whether running errands at home or managing some household stuff, you can wear a regular wear saree. You can choose one woven from cotton or linen as an everyday wear saree.  

Casual outing:  A Mangalgiri cotton or Cotton Gadwal saree will make you look more impressive and stand out in the corporate world. 

Temple visits: You can visit a temple and show your respect in style with our budget-friendly Mercerized Gadwal saree.

Rich And Vibrant Colors Of Regular Wear Sarees

Regular wear sarees are available in various colors. And, these are some colors to look for. 

Neutral shades: Modern ladies are in love with nude shades of pink, lavender, and cream. Sarees available in neutral shades will give you a more elegant and classic look. Are you a teacher and looking for everyday wear sarees? If so, feel free to try a neutral or nude shade when purchasing an everyday wear saree for teachers.  You can try our Cream Cotton Gadwal Saree when you want to buy one saree in neutral shades,

Pastel colors: Pastel colors like baby blue, mint green, lavender, or peach are in trend these days. An everyday wear saree in pastel shades exudes a feminine charm and gives you a subtle look. You can go for this budget-friendly Kanchi cotton saree if you’re seeking one in pastel shades. 

Earthy tones: If you have a classic choice, you can try a saree in earthy tones of mustard yellow, rust, or ruby red. It doesn’t only make you look attractive but also enhances your overall appearance.

Benefits Of Having Regular Wear Sarees 

There are many reasons to opt for Daily wear sarees. Keep reading to learn more about why you should try a regular wear saree.

Versatility: Everyday wear sarees are available in a range of designs, and colors, which allows you to pick one based on your style preferences. You can change the draping style of a saree and try out different saree looks, making them suitable for casual and formal occasions.

Easy maintenance: Everyday wear sarees are woven from fabrics that need minimal care and maintenance. A regular-wear saree is made from linen or cotton that can be machine-washed, granting hassle-free maintenance. 

Feel comfortable: Regular wear sarees are made of breathable and comfortable fabric that causes easy air circulation and keeps you cozy all through the day. Such sarees feel soft against the skin and offer a comfortable drape.  

Tips To Look Stylish In Regular Wear Saree

In this section, we will share some ways to style a regular wear saree that enhances your appearance instantly. 

Footwear: Choose footwear that complements the overall look of the saree. For a more comfortable and casual look, you can opt for sandals or flats. You can choose wedges or heels to give it a more elegant look. Make sure that the footwear you opt for aligns with your saree. 

Hairstyles: You can go for a minimalistic or natural makeup look while trying an everyday wear saree. Focus on highlighting your unique and natural features rather than going for heavy makeup. Loose buns, waves, and a classic braid are some fuss-free yet simple hairstyles that align well with an elegant everyday wear saree. 


If you plan to shop for the Best daily wear sarees, Legacy of Bhojraj is the place to be. We present you with an exclusive range of sarees curated for everyday use. In this post, we have seized the opportunity to offer you a glimpse of our collection and the advantages they offer. We have also provided you with some styling tips and ways to accessorize a saree that reflects your personality and inner beauty. 


Which fabric is best for daily wear saree?

Fabrics such as georgette, cotton, chiffon, and other light fabrics are ideal. If it’s summer, you can always opt for sarees woven from cotton. Opt for chiffon or georgette sarees if it’s winter. 

Can a saree be casual wear?

Daily wear soft sarees are perfect to wear on casual tea parties or brunches. Its lightweight and comfortable nature makes it ideal for socializing with your friends, colleagues, and family members.

Daily Wear Sarees With Price 

 Daily Wear Sarees Price List
Black Mangalgiri Cotton Saree ₹1950
Royal Blue Mangalgiri Cotton Saree ₹1950
Pista Green Dual Tone Cotton Kanjivaram Saree ₹1750
Dark Brown Cotton Kanjivaram Saree
Royal Blue Cotton Kanjivaram Saree
Honey Yellow Resham Kota Saree ₹1850