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Whether it’s for leisure or work, if there’s something for all lovely ladies to look stunning effortlessly, it’s a much-loved saree. Made of natural and lightweight fibers, linen sarees have been a hot favorite for ages. Recently, Pure linen sarees have captured the hearts of women worldwide with their airy and light feel. 

Legacy of Bhojraj brings you an exclusive collection of trendy linen sarees dyed perfectly in the most natural colors. From sarees with copper or golden zari borders to ones with butta work, we have a variety of linen sarees. Allow us to walk you through a gallery of colorful linen sarees, explore the varieties, and offer you pro styling tips.

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Latest Collection Of Pure Linen Saree from Legacy Of Bhojraj

In this section, we are going to provide you with our collection of pure linen sarees.  These sarees are a must-have piece in your wardrobe as they are lightweight, comfortable to drape, gorgeous, and easy to maintain.

  • Pure linen saree:  The beautiful pattern of the crease gives you evidence that it is pure linen fabric without even touching the saree. These linen sarees are extremely breathable and durable.
  • Bengal linen sarees: These sarees are a perfect choice for traditional functions as they are lightweight and sweat-absorbent you can carry this saree all day alone without hindering your daily chores.
  • Organic Linen Sarees: Light zari work on the saree gives you a gorgeous look that you can even carry this saree as party wear, and feels very comfortable on the skin so that you can enjoy the party without any hindrance.

Types of Pure Linen Saree available in Legacy Of Bhojraj

 Pure Linen Saree With Copper Zari -  The pure linen saree with copper zari gives you a modern type of touch. This particular captivating saree will allow you to elevate your saree style effortlessly. 

 Pure Linen Saree With Golden Zari- Pure linen saree with golden zari is both lightweight and breathable. Its linen fabric ensures comfort while giving you an elegant look. 

Pure Linen Saree With Silver Zari - This pure linen saree with silver zari will be the ideal choice for the upcoming puja and wedding season.

Butta Work Pure Linen Saree - If you want to get an elegant look in your next attending party or reception then this butta work pure linen saree will be the ideal choice for you. 

Color your world with the Editor’s Pick Linen Saree Collection

You’ll find linen sarees in a range of colors and varieties. We have presented a list that describes the rich and vivid hues of our linen sarees.

Red: Do you have a party to attend? If yes, you can try out bright red linen sarees for wedding.  It's easy to drape and it's perfect to wear at a wedding or office party. It comes with intricate zari work across the body an enhances fair to middle-tone complexions. 

Black : Do you have a fair skin complexion? You can check out our black linen saree ideal for a night time outing or party.

Blue: Looking for a gorgeous linen saree for a reception party? Our blue linen saree comes with nature-inspired zari work across the body. This unique blue color complements a range of skin tones. 

Maroon: Our maroon linen saree will look stunning on dark, fair or wheatish skin complexion, it will look good on you as well. You can wear it at traditional ceremonies and festive occasions.

Pista Green: Is your Mehendi function on the way? You can try out this pista green linen saree on casual outings or office meetings. It looks gorgeous on medium to fair skin complexions and offers a fresh feel.

Brown:  This brown linen saree is ideal for office parties. It enriches the richness of medium to deeper skin complexions.

White: Are you looking for a saree to wear on daytime events or puja occasions? Why don’t you try out our versatile and chic linen white saree? It is good on all skin tones and ideal for casual outings and hangouts in summer. 

Grey: Got an anniversary function to attend this week? Try out this budget-friendly grey linen saree which is ideal for all skin tones. 

 Ideal times to wear a pure Linen Saree 

Is there a definite time to try a Pure Linen Saree? Whether you visit your office or hang out with your close ones, a linen saree makes you look truly stunning. 

Regular use: Linen sarees are chic and comfortable to wear, which makes them perfect for regular wear.

Office wear: A linen saree when paired with fashionable casual accessories gives you a fashionable and professional look. You can wear one at work meetings or office events. 

Festive vibes: You can nail your festive look with a linen saree. It allows you to celebrate the festive season with style and zest.


Pros and cons of linen sarees online

Want to know why you should or shouldn’t buy linen sarees? Here’s what you should be aware of. 

  • Linen sarees are moisture-absorbent, which makes them perfect to wear throughout the year. 

  • Linen is one of the most resilient fabrics, making them more durable than cotton or silk.

  • The higher the thread count of a saree, the softer the texture. The average thread count of a linen saree varies from 60 to 120 which makes them comfy to wear.

    How to style linen sarees

    When considering wearing a linen saree, proper styling is crucial. Without it, you may not achieve the stylish look you desire from your linen saree.

    Color - Color plays an important role. So, before selecting a linen saree, you must consider its color according to the occasion. If you are choosing one for a wedding, opt for deep colors such as maroon, royal blue, or deep green.

    Pallu Draping - Always try different types of pallu designs when wearing a saree. This will make you stand out whenever you attend any party or occasion wearing the same saree.

     Pattern of the saree -  Select a linen saree that has minimal embroidery work, delicate motifs and some checks on its body.


    By now we have highlighted the colors of linen sarees available. We have also reflected on the purpose and times of wearing a Pure Linen Saree. When it comes to linen sarees online shopping, Legacy of Bhojraj is the place to be. We offer premium-quality linen sarees woven of pure cotton. You can also get gift cards up to 500 INR added to your next e-coupon redeemable on the next purchase.

    Shop for exclusive linen sarees from Legacy of Bhojraj

    When it comes to linen sarees online shopping, Legacy of Bhojraj is the place to be. We offer exclusive linen sarees woven of pure fabric. What’s more, you can get a flat 15% off using the code FESTIVE15. That’s not all. You can avail a gift card worth of 500INR redeemable on your purchase. Isn’t that exciting? What else are you waiting for? Come and shop from Legacy of Bhojraj today.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is the difference between cotton and linen saree?

    The key difference that you are going to notice between these two fabric is its texture. Cotton has a smooth texture due to its tight weave on the other hand linen is slightly coarse because of its distinctive texture.

    Which is expensive cotton or linen?

    Obviously, linen is much more expensive compared to cotton sarees because linen saree is much more long-lasting, absorbance, and eco-friendly.

    Is linen saree good to wear?

    Linen sarees are a great choice for work and double as a party wear linen saree. The fabric used in making a linen saree makes it two times more durable and comfortable than any regular saree.

    Is linen cheaper than silk?

    Generally, a linen saree is less pricey than one made of silk. But, remember that the cost of a fabric will rely on its quality and the place it’s sourced from.