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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-drape saree for regular use, our Narayanpet cotton saree is an excellent choice.  It is familiar to its customer for its distinguishing weaving method, bright appearance, and dainty motifs. 

Narayanpet cotton is renowned for its longevity besides its ability to preserve its color and texture after repeated washes. As a result, these particular sarees are exported to various countries and are a popular choice among saree enthusiasts worldwide.

So scroll down and read the whole article as we have done complete research about cotton-made narayanpet sarees which I think will help you in acquiring proper knowledge about cotton-made narayanpet sarees.

Types of Narayanpet cotton sarees (Available In Legacy Of Bhojraj)

Here are the types or varieties of Narayanpet cotton sarees available.

Narayanpet sarees with striped pallu: This Mustard Yellow Narayanpet saree comes with a plain body and a skirt border. It has a striped pallu. There’s a bit of Kalka work with butta on the border.

Sarees with a small border and pallu stripes: This one-of-a-kind red Narayanpet cotton saree is a showstopper! The plain body and subtle small border create an elegant vibe, but that's not all. It’s a complete pièce de résistance – the pallu stripes!  It’s a burst of style magic that adds that extra oomph to your look.

Peacock design with striped pallu: Looking for a saree to wear on puja occasions and other religious festivities? You can go for this Narayanpet cotton saree, featuring a vibrant shade of yellow. It comes with a contrasting border that showcases a beautiful peacock design and a striped work on the pallu.

Rust border with an elephant design:  Make a style statement with this Red narayanpet cotton saree. It features a classy rust border adds that extra pop, and can we talk about the elephant design? It's not just attractive; it's a showstopper.If you want to turn heads and own the room, this red Narayanpet cotton saree is your secret weapon. Casual or formal, it's your style, your way!

 Narayanpet Cotton Sarees Available By Color

In this section, we’ll talk about the colors of Narayanpet cotton sarees available at Legacy of Bhojraj. We will also let you know which saree suits which skin color tone and purpose. Scroll down to read more.

Mustard yellow: Make a bold yet cheerful statement with our  Mustard yellow Narayanpet cotton saree - perfect for standing out. Complementing all skin tones, it boosts your confidence and adds a touch of glamour to any occasion.

Grey: It’s time to add elegance with our Grey Narayanpet cotton saree with a blue border and intricate detailing. It’s ideal to be worn at formal gatherings and casual events. Although it is for all skin tones, it looks great on women with light skin.

Yellow: This saree features a rich yellow base, a broad purple border, and chit pallu. The bright yellow color of the saree makes it ideal to be draped on occasions like pushpanjali and even office meetings. This Yellow Narayanpet Pure Cotton Saree fits almost all skin tones.

Mint green: Our chic mint green Narayanpet cotton sarees will give you a calm and refreshing look. It is perfect for daytime events and outdoor hangouts. It has a contrasting green border with a chit pallu, making it perfect for ladies with light skin and a warm undertone.

Red: Check out this premium Narayanpet cotton sarees woven on a haute red color. It has a gracefully decorated chit border. The unique red color of the saree makes it perfect for cultural programs, office, and evening hangouts.

Benefits of Buying Narayanpet Cotton Sarees
There are numerous benefits for buying narayanpet cotton saree. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Easy to maintain: Maintaining Narayanpet Cotton Saree is an easy task.

Easy to wash - The washability process of this particular saree is very easy. You can wash this particular saree both by doing handwash and machine wash with a mild detergent.

Vibrant designs: The stunning and attention-grabbing design of this particular saree is ideal for festive and celebratory events.

Breathable: It is crafted from high-grade cotton,and these particular sarees are fashioned from a breathable and cozy fabric, which make this particular saree perfect for hot and humid conditions.

In conclusion, buyers can enjoy a range of advantages by purchasing these cotton narayanpet, such as enhanced comfort, durability, and cultural significance.

Consequense of buying Narayanpet Cotton Sarees

Buying Narayanpet cotton sarees does not have any negative consequences, but it's possible that this particular saree may not be easily accessible in large quantities or in all locations. Nevertheless, this can be viewed positively since it contributes to the distinctiveness and exclusivity of the sarees.

How to identify a pure Narayanpet cotton saree?

Here is how you can identify a pure Narayanpet cotton saree.

  • Patterns of different grids are woven across the body of the saree
  • Such sarees don’t have extra weft designs in the body.
  • Since these sarees are less starchy, they are extra soft.
  • Extra warp designs get woven with zari work on the body.

How to accessorize a Narayanpet cotton saree for all occasions

Want to know how you can accessorize your Narayanpet cotton sarees? Well, we will provide you a couple of tips on the same:

Statement jewelry: You can put on shiny jewelry or a necklace and pair it up with matching bangles, or earrings. Strike a balance between the jewelry and color of the saree to ensure a harmonious overall appearance.

Shoes: Wearing nice shoes that go well with your saree is a must. Whether you’ve got shoes, heels, or sandals, make sure that it goes well with a  Narayanpet cotton saree.

Bindi: Put on a colorful bindi on your forehead. Make sure that the size and color of the bindi goes well with the color of the saree. It will make you look even more lovely. 

Waist belt: Add a cool waist belt to your Narayanpet cotton sarees. It will make your waist look nice and add a modern touch to your overall appearance.


Why Should You Choose Narayanpet Cotton Sarees Online From Legacy Of Bhojraj?

There are several reasons for choosing Pure narayanpet cotton sarees Online from Legacy Of Bhojraj. Some of them are discussed below:

  • On Legacy of Bhojraj you will find Narayanpet cotton available in various colors, which offers you a wide range of selection options.
  • Another reason for having Narayanpet cotton from Legacy Of Bhojraj is all of our sarees are handwoven by our skilled weavers.
  • The last reason for having Narayanpet Cotton Sarees Online From Legacy Of Bhojraj is we offer a gift card worth up to Rs 500 which will be added to your e-coupon for your next purchase with no expiry date.
  • Who says indulging in sarees made of pure and refined material has to break the bank? Not with us! We believe in bringing you quality sarees for ladies that won't burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a flat 15% off on our exclusive collection using the code FESTIVE10. 


By now, we have discussed the varieties of Narayanpet sarees, available colors, and works on our exclusive sarees. We’ve also told you how to select a saree based on your unique styling requirements and have given some accessorizing tips. If you want to opt for Narayanpet cotton saree online shopping, Legacy of Bhojraj is the place to be. Browse our collection and save up to 10% on your purchase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is special about Narayanpet sarees?

It is a lightweight saree that allows you to wear this particular saree on daily basis and on occasional basis. 

Which state is famous for Narayanpet cotton sarees?

Narayanpet cotton sarees are worn by women on special occasions and symbolize richness and elegance. Narayanpet sarees showcase the rich heritage of Telangana state in South India. 

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