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Tussar silk, also known as tusser or raw silk, is primarily produced in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar. On this page, you will have the opportunity to purchase various colors of Pure Tussar Silk Saree. We offer both light and dark color options, including shades such as Mustard Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Rust Tussar, and Off White, as well as vibrant hues like Red, Royal Blue, Black, and Pink tussar silk sarees. 

The material used in this saree is extremely lightweight and breathable which makes it a perfect ensemble to carry in every season and occasion. So if you want to get a deep knowledge about tussar silk then keep on reading this article.

Types of Tussar Silk

Tussar Banarasi Sarees are perfect for various types of ocassion. This particular saree is popular saree among the ladies because of elegance and glitz. Now we are going to describe about 4 different types of Tussar silk saree that are Tussar Kalamkari Sarees, Tussar Georgette Sarees, Gachi Tussar Sarees & Pure Tussar Silk Sarees.

Tussar Kalamkari Sarees –

This particular saree is made by using the kalamkari technique which involves hand paintaing, block printing and intricate design on the fabric of the saree. You are going to get various design & various colour kalamkari saree. To get both stylish and casual type look this particular silk saree will be the ideal choice for you.

Tussar Georgette Sarees

If you want to have lightweight and comfortable to wear saree then Tussar georgette Sarees will be the ideal choice for you. These particular sarees are made with a mixture of tussar silk and georgette fabric which allows you to easily drape this particular saree. 

Gachi Tussar Sarees

Gachi tussar sarees are perfect for any woman’s wardrobe as this particular handwoven sarees are crafted from the purest tussar silk. All thse feature makes it a perfect choice for any saree collection.

Pure Tussar Silk Sarees

If you have a special liking towards pure tussar silk saree then Legacy Of Bhojraj offers you a stunning collection. of these particular saree. It is a 100% pure tussar silk and its handwoven by a skilled artisans. 

Benefits Of Pure Tussar Silk Saree

There are numerous benefits of pure tussar silk saree, some of which are listed below:-

Comfortable and Breathable – Its lightweight and its breathability makes it a comfortable to wear saree even in hot and humid weather condition.

Environment Friendly – This particular silk saree is more sustainable and environment frioendly compared to other silk saree because its produced from silk of wild caterpillars.

Long lasting – Tussar silk sarees are popular for their long-lasting features, making them a good investment. If you can take proper care of this particular saree, it will last for long periods of time.

Versatile – It has a lustrous and shiny texture with indistinct color variants.

How to identify Pure tussar silk saree?

There are various points for identifying pure tussar silk sarees but below we are going to share three important points for identifying pure tussar silk 

  1. Look for the golden sheen that is innate to the fabric. Look for the golden sheen as you hold the saree closely in your hands.
  2. Pure tussar sarees have a coarse finish which will allow you in finding the pure tussar saree.

Since tussar silk is handwoven there is a high chance of having imperfections so embrace them for this beauty.

Why not click on other websites and add your favourite Tussar Silk Saree on your Cart?

You should not click on other websites because Legacy Of Bhojraj provides Silk mark cerification card which verifies that the saree is made up of pure silk. Another point for adding tussar silk on your cart is we provide gift card worth up to Rs 500 which will be added to your e-coupon for your next purchase with no expiry date.

Frequently Asked Question

Is tussar silk pure?

Yes, tussar silk is pure its grown in forest. To make sure its pure tussar silk you must touch on its texture to check whether its rough and grainy. 

What is the original colour of tussar silk?

The original colour of tussar silk saree is deep gold colour.  

Is green tussar silk saree available in pure tussar variant?

Certainly,  green tussar silk saree is available in pure tussar banarasi variant.

Is blue tussar silk saree available in pure tussar variant?

Yes, blue tussar silk saree is available in pure tussar silk variants.

Is zari tussar saree available in pure tussar variant?

Undeniably, you will get zari tussar saree in tussar variant.