If you are reading this blog, the chances are high, that you want to carry a saree as your formal office wear.

Sarees are the most versatile clothing that women can choose to wear as they can be styled in multiple ways, such that you can style the same saree with different jewelry to be worn during formal events, informal events, daily wear, and for office wear.

So, worry not Legacy of Bhojraj has come up to you with some pro tips to look stylish in office wear saree so, let’s dive into the tips about the same.

Tips to look stylish in office wear saree

Styling a saree or any attire can be a hectic task for most people in this generation, especially when it comes to office wear or formal wear, for the same reason we have come up with 11 tips for choosing the right office wear style so that you can be comfortable in what you are carrying and will be able to complete your office work without any hindrance. So without wasting your time let’s jump into the pro tips which are as follows:-

Choose Watch- No one can deny that just adding a watch can elevate the overall look and add professionalism to your appearance. By adding a watch, you can give yourself both a stylish and formal look.

Choose the right color saree- Color plays an important role in any situation and environment, and since sarees are traditional garments they come in bright colors mostly which are very much appealing to the eyes, but we should always keep in mind to choose subtle or light colors such as grey, off white, tussar, light blue, etc. The reason that color psychologists recommend wearing light colors saree is that they depict the attitude of focus and dedication.

Choose the right fabric- In today’s era, sarees are made up of varieties of fabric apart from silk and cotton such as nylon, georgette, organza silk, satin, crepe, tussar silk, etc. You should always choose a fabric that is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable to wear, as well as easy to drape.

Use solid colors or a combination of 2 or 3- Sarees come in varieties of colors, especially warm tones but for casual sarees for office wear you should always choose cool and earthy tones such as blue and brown and the color combination should not exceed more than three colors.

Minimal designs and prints on the saree- Your office wear saree should have minimal design and prints, as they give a sophisticated and formal look to the saree.

Choose the right footwear- The footwear can make or break your look with the saree, so choosing the right footwear became essential. When you choose footwear you should remember that it's comfortable for all-day wear, The perfect shoes that you can carry with the saree are wedges, sneakers, and platform heels.

Choose the right blouse- A blouse plays an important role in giving a formal look to the saree, so the cuts of the blouse plays an important factor in making it look formal or informal. For office wear you should always opt for a high-neck collar blouse and sleeves till your elbows are preferred as they give you a neat and polished look.

Choose the right accessories- Accessories play a major role in giving you a put-together look. The sleek gold chain with pearl drop studs, delicate bracelets, and rings with a nude tote bag will look classy and it will help you in carrying all your essentials.

Use the right makeup-  Makeup can either make or break your look, so you should always keep your office makeup very subtle and simple just kajal, eyeliner, and lipstick are enough for office wear makeup. 

Choose the right hairstyle- Your hair should be clean and neatly tucked to give you an organized look as it gives a perception that you are a hygienic as well as an organized person. Your haircut should not have many layers as it is difficult to style and any hair length below shoulder level should be tied as well as hair should not come at the eye as it gives a very unprofessional look.

Which sarees to choose for office wear?

In the above paragraph, we have given you 11 tips to look stylish in office wear saree and now we are going to list down a few office-wear sarees for you to choose from. So, some of the loved office-wear sarees are as follows:-

Narayanpet Cotton Sarees: These sarees mostly come in plain body with minimal motifs and have a zari border inspired by nature. Narayanpet cotton sarees come in varieties of colors and these sarees are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Mangalgiri Cotton Sarees: These sarees are a testament to pure hand craft saree from Indian textiles as these sarees come in single solid color with a zari border which makes this saree a perfect piece for office wear. These sarees are lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to drape, and easy to maintain which makes mangalgiri cotton an ideal choice for office-wear sarees.

Mangalgiri Silk Sarees: Since these sarees are made up of 100% pure silk, these sarees come with a natural shine, and it's lightweight appearance makes this sarees easy to drape, comfortable to wear, and a perfect silk piece to grab for all silk lovers. 

Linen Sarees: Due to their lightweight nature these sarees are easy to drape, breathable, comfortable to carry, and have a slightly coarse texture which makes pure linen a perfect option for office wear sarees.

Cotton Gadwal : When discussing office wear sarees, your first preference should be cotton Gadwal. This traditional-looking saree is perfect for office attire. By wearing this cotton Gadwal saree, you can stand out from your other office colleagues.


Sarees nowadays are not restricted only to traditional occasions or just home wear, the corporate world is also readily accepting Indian attire as formal wear due to the influence of Indian cinema. In today's blog, we have discussed a few tips which will make you look formal and also have discussed a few casual sarees for office wear that can be worn in offices or in any formal events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of saree to wear to the office?

You should always choose a cotton saree, silk saree, and linen saree to wear at the office, you should wear this fabric-made saree in the office because all these sarees are easy to maintain. 

Q. What is the best way to dress for office work?

The best way to dress for office work with the saree is by wearing a same-color high-neck or turtle-neck, t-shirt underneath gives you a neat and organized look with a long sleeve and a single-layered bracelet of American diamond is an example of modern saree styles for the office.

Q. How to look professional in a saree?

To look professional in a saree you should read our below given steps that are

  1. Use a high neck blouse or one with collar, and you should avoid backless, or round neck blouses.
  2. Always try to wear long sleeve or half sleeve blouses inside your office.
  3. You must make sure that the peticoat is never visible beneath the saree.
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