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 Sarees are versatile and classic attires, and can be draped in many styles. Formal office wear sarees are an excellent option for women who seek comfort, elegance and want to look stylish at work without sacrificing comfort. Today, the modern woman's wardrobe celebrates the allure of office wear sarees, weaving comfort and elegance seamlessly. Whether it’s linen saree, Mangalgiri cotton, pure Gadwal, or Narayanpet cotton, here you’ll find endless options to choose from.

 Each thread tells a story, offering choices for the modern woman who desires to rule her workday and slay with style and comfort. Legacy of Bhojraj is here to present your unique and vibrant choices of office wear sarees that are bound to enhance your confidence and elegance. Keep reading to gain more knowledge about modern office wear saree.  

Latest Collection Of Office Wear Saree from Legacy Of Bhojraj

Modern office wear sarees are designed to keep a perfect balance between style and professionalism. Keeping that in mind we have handpicked the perfect office wear saree collection that will suit your personality and different occasions in your daily work.

Mulmul cotton saree: Looking for the latest in cotton to beat the summer heat? If yes then check our hand block printed mulmul cotton which is perfect for this hot summer. 

You will be stunned after looking at our various colour dabu print mulmul cotton saree

Applique work saree:  Would you like to give yourself a gorgeous look within a budget this hot summer? If yes, then you must add one of our applique sarees to your wardrobe.

This cotton fabric saree will provide both comfort and a gorgeous look in this hot summer.

Narayanpet Cotton Saree is a perfect example of office wear cotton sarees. This particular saree will provide you with amazing comfort because of the fabric. This particular saree is immensely durable in nature and also comes with various designs and color options. Thus making you look professional and also making you stay connected with your traditional roots.

Pure Linen Office Wear Saree, is known for its breathability. It is not only a lightweight saree but also an easy-to-carry saree, which makes it an ideal choice for your everyday wear.

Mangalgiri Cotton Saree adds a balance of tradition with a dash of modernity, the beautiful design of this saree along with its rich zari work will give you a look of professionalism and grace at the same time.

Cotton Gadwal Saree:

If you’re looking for a premium cotton saree for office wear,  you can go for our Pure Cotton Gadwal sarees. It is easy to wear, which makes it perfect for formal and special office events. Legacy of Bhojraj offers a range of exclusive Gadwal sarees that come with Ganga Yamuna border or small checks in the body.

But, let’s first tell you which Gadwal saree you can wear for which occasion at the office. You can try our White Cotton Gadwal Saree with Blue Border if you’re looking for a saree for Bengali New Year celebration at office. Our White Cotton Gadwal Saree with yellow border is perfect for a working lady looking for a modern office wear saree,

Author’s Tip :
Well, we have discussed all the 4 handpicked office wear saree that you can buy from us. But if you take my personal advice, then you should always go for Narayanpet Cotton sarees, because of their price, the purity of the fabric, and the various designs it comes in. 

Various designs and work on the office wear saree (available in Legacy of Bhojraj)

In this section, we will brief you on varieties of designs and work on office wear saree.

Golden Butta Work: Our exclusive linen saree features golden butta work all over the pallu and body. It is lightweight to give you an airy feel all along the day. With a starting price of 2500 INR, our linen saree is a budget-friendly sarees for office wear.

Inchi Zari & Aka Border: It is a unique handloom sarees for office wear that comes with a broad inchi zari border, aka skirt border. It has a soft, body-hugging fabric. Go for it if you’re looking for a premium cotton saree under 1500 INR.

Temple Design On The Zari Border: Experience unparalleled style and comfort draped in our premium Mangalgiri pure cotton saree. It comes with a temple design on the zari border. The hallmark of our sarees lies in the Nizam border which exudes a unique blend of modern and traditional aesthetics.

Ganga Yamuna border: Legacy of Bhojraj presents state-of-the-art Gadwal sarees with a soft and body-hugging fabric. It’s a handloom saree that flaunts a radiant Ganga Yamuna border on the body.

Kapalzari border: Try out a pista green linen saree with temple designs on the traditional kapalzari border and radiate glow in your formal saree look. It features butta work on the pallu and a plain body.  

Shuttle loom work: Add a magical touch to your office saree look with our shuttle-loom Mangalgiri sico saree. It is a must-have if you’re looking for a uni-tone saree with an inchi zari paar.

Chic pallu stripe: If your budget is on the lower end, try out our Narayanpet saree that comes with a small border. It has a chic pallu stripe with a temple border.

Varieties of office wear sarees based on purpose 

Got a client meeting or presentation this week? Do you want to slay with style in a saree? We're here to help you out. Check out these awesome office-ready sarees from Legacy of Bhojraj – your easy style fix awaits!

Pure Linen Saree: You can instantly add a magical touch to your office saree look with our Peacock Green Pure Linen Saree. If you’re a modern lady and looking for a saree to wear on a colleague’s engagement party, you can try our Blue Pure Linen Saree. This Wine Pure Linen saree has a unique royal color and is ideal for a Diwali celebration at the office.

Narayanpet saree: Is there a puja occasion at your office and you want to try out a bright colored saree? You can check out this Yellow Narayanpet Pure Cotton Saree. If you’re a red color lover, you’re bound to love this Red Narayanpet Pure Cotton Saree.  
Mangalgiri cotton saree: Looking for an elegant saree with a bright yet light tone? This Turquoise Blue Mangalgiri Cotton Saree is bound to grab your attention. 

Tussar Silk Saree with zari border is another good example of a modern office wear saree. This particular saree is known for giving a stylish look and its colorful design makes it an everyday choice for any office-goer. 

How to Choose Office Wear Sarees

When you go for office wear sarees, choose one with breathable fabric. You can go for sarees with monochromatic and subtle shades like navy blue. These shades exude sophistication and offer a timeless appeal.

Make sure that the sarees and fabrics you choose are easy to wear and maintain. What’s more important is that you need to ensure that they give you a professional look.

Professional appearance: An office-wear saree gives you a professional and formal appearance. Nevertheless, it’s better not to go for too flashy or over the colors. One can go for neutral colors like cream, navy blue or beige, as they are a good choice.

Easy to maintain and drape: You may not have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. So, if you’re buying a saree, look for one that is easy to drape and maintain. Go for materials that don’t wrinkle easily or one with a pre-stitched pleat.

Purpose of wearing the saree: Think about the event or occasion on which you’ll wear the workday saree. It will help you maintain the appropriate level of decorum and formality at the office. While a linen saree can be perfect for regular wear, a gorgeous silk saree is right for a formal event.

Comfort and durability are really very important factors to consider while choosing a formal saree. Always try to choose a saree that is very durable and comfortable in nature as it will be used on a daily basis. So considering this we recommend you buy sarees from our Mangalgiri Cotton collection that will provide comfort and durability at the same time.

Setting a budget before buying will give a clear idea as to what kind of saree your pocket can afford. If the budget is not selected properly, you might buy a very costly saree that will not afford your pocket or you might also select a very low-cost saree that will not be comfortable and durable in nature.

How to style an office wear saree

Styling an office wear saree might be sometimes a difficult task, so below we will discuss 4 points that will help you to get that perfect look.

  1. When it comes to formal sarees always go for a simple, well-fitted blouse, that will compliment the saree. Always try to avoid blouses that are loud in colour or have heavy designer work on them. Colours like grey, black, and light blue are always suggested, which will complement you and your formal sarees.
  2. Draping an office wear saree is really important, as it represents your personality. Always ensure that the saree is neatly draped with all the pleats showing properly. Also, note that the saree should be ironed and should be wrinkle-free if all this is done properly, then you will remain stand out from the rest of your colleagues.
  3. Always choose pieces of jewellery, that are subtle but elegant at the same time. Never choose anything that is too flashy or chunky in nature. You can go for a small studded earring, with a delicate necklace accompanied by a bangle or an elegant watch.
  4.   A modern office-wear saree always requires comfortable footwear. Choose footwear that is closed-toe, like low heels pumps or flat sandals. As it will be worn throughout the day, comfort is essential. Choose the colour of the footwear that compliments the saree and overall outfit.     

Shop Office Wear Sarees Online at Legacy Of Bhojraj  

So you must have seen most of our office wear saree collections and I expect that you have liked many of our office wear collections because we have a reputation for dealing in pure fabric sarees. Further, if you buy any office wear saree from us, you will receive a discount coupon of Rs. 500 that you may use to save money on the next purchase you make from us.


So we can say that Legacy Of Bhojraj offers you a  variety of office wear sarees at various price ranges. So any person with any kind of budget will find the perfect formal saree collection for themselves here.

We thank each and every user who has clicked on this page and took the burden to go through all the points. If you liked our office wear sarees collection then please do share this with your near and dear ones or with any friends who have recently joined or will have an office.

 Office wear sarees with price

Office Wear Sarees Price List
Maroon Narayanpet Cotton Saree
Cream Yellow Narayanpet Cotton Saree
Baby Pink Mangalgiri Cotton Saree
Wine Pure Linen Saree
Blue Pure Linen Saree
Red Mulmul Cotton Saree
White Cotton Gadwal Saree with Blue Border
White Cotton Gadwal Saree with Yellow Border
Sky Blue Mangalgiri cotton saree
Indigo Blue Mulmul Cotton Saree
Orange Tussar Silk Saree with Zari Border