If you're running short on time for your wedding day and have everything sorted except your saree for the Haldi ceremony, don't panic! All the ideas, from head to toe, are right here for you. Don't waste any more time—just note down what you need to do.

The Haldi ceremony is a deeply traditional ritual in India involving the use of turmeric when the bride and groom take a pre-bath. Family members, friends—everyone participates. There's a preference for wearing yellow sarees for the Haldi ceremony, whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, sister, or mother. Here, you'll find everything you need for this occasion.

Different Fabric Saree For Haldi Ceremony

Picking the right fabric is crucial since you'll be dancing with your girl gang and diving into Haldi on your special day. Opting for a lightweight saree is a must to ensure comfort and ease during the celebrations.

  1. Pure Cotton- A pure cotton saree is ideal due to its lightweight nature, offering you comfort, especially since the Haldi ceremony takes place during the daytime.
  1. Linen- If you prefer not to wear a cotton saree, opting for a pure linen saree is a great alternative. A floral printed linen saree can help you to achieve the desired look you have in mind.
  1. Organza- If you're aiming to add a touch of sheen or glamour to your look, consider an organza saree. . It's not just lightweight; it's also ideal for humid weather conditions.
  1. Georgette- Opting for a georgette saree is a great choice due to its easy draping, flexibility, and versatility. It allows for easy movement and adds a touch of elegance to your attire which is very important for your Haldi ceremony day.
  1. Chiffon- You shouldn't overlook chiffon fabric for your wishlist—it's lightweight and trendy. If you want to focus on having fun rather than worrying about the weight of your saree, choosing a chiffon saree is the way to go.
  2. Silk-You can also opt for a silk saree for the Haldi ceremony, especially if your wedding is in winter. It can add glamour and help keep you warm.

simple saree for haldi ceremony

Different Colors Saree To Choose For Haldi Ceremony

Selecting the right color for your Haldi ceremony can be a bit tricky since numerous photos will be taken. Naturally, you want to look your best in every wedding ritual, so why not shine during your Haldi ceremony? This color choice could be a game-changer, as outlined below.

  1. Kasturi Yellow Color: Would you like to radiate brightness during your Haldi ceremony? Not only does Kasturi Haldi make your skin glow, but this Kasturi yellow saree can also lend you an overall golden look.
  1. Mustard Color: Don't overlook the significance of the mustard color for the Haldi ceremony, given its association with the yellow hues. Opting for a mustard yellow saree could be your top pick for achieving the perfect Haldi look.
  1. Orange Color: If you prefer to steer clear of a yellow saree yet desire to maintain a traditional vibe for the Haldi ceremony, consider a vibrant orange as the hero colour for your attire. An orange saree not only complements warm Indian skin tones but also gives a fresh and traditional look.
  1. White Color With Red Border: If you're Bengali and aiming for a complete traditional Bengali look, a white saree with a red border is a splendid choice for you. This colored saree always remains a timeless tradition.
  1. Fluorescent Green Color: If you want to take a standout selfie with your bridesmaids in your Haldi day, then a fluorescent green outfit is the choice to make you truly pop in the photo.

Various Draping Styles To Look Gorgeous In Saree

The draping style can be a game-changer. If you're unsure which style suits your body type best, here's the secret to looking slim and your best on your Haldi day.

  1. Athpoure Style- If you're Bengali, you can't miss out on the Athpoure style to achieve a traditional look on this special day.
  1. Nauvari Style- If you're from Maharashtra, the Nauvari style is perfect for you. To add a trendy touch, consider pairing it with a baby pink shrug for an extra glamorous look.
  1. Gujarati Style- We all know the Gujarati draping style is a great choice to enhance trendiness. Simply add a belt when opting for this style.
  1. Kodagu Style- When styling your saree in the Kodagu style, don't forget to add a flower-made crown for that added style.
  1. Nivi Style- No matter where you're from North India or South India, if you're unaware of any saree style and running late for your Haldi ceremony, the Nivi style can rescue you from that crisis.
  2. Mundum Neriyathum Style- Whether you're Malayali or Punjabi, the uniqueness of this saree draping style makes it hard to take your eyes off you.

Saree Styling Tips For Haldi Look

Now that you've sorted the saree color and fabric, the next crucial step is to enhance its style and trendiness. Following these styles will ensure you look your best on your big Haldi day.

  1. Makeup- When doing your makeup, keeping a few tricks in mind can help you to avoid some bloopers. These tricks will save you from any potential drama.

1 A You should go for a no-makeup makeup look as it is performed in the daytime. 

1 B You can add a bright color like -(Magenta pink, Coral pink, Orange, Bright Red, or Fuschia)  lipstick to contrast with your Haldi Saree look.

  1. C. Opt for a matte, transfer-proof lipstick, especially since the Haldi ceremony might get a little messy and be all over your face.


  1. D. Apply ample blush to achieve a fresh look under the sunlight. Consider opting for a salmon pink or dusty pink blush to avoid excessively rosy cheeks.


  1. E. Don't forget to apply highlighter since your face will be covered in Haldi. Highlighter will make you shine, especially before capturing pictures during your Haldi ceremony.


  1. F. Ensure your makeup is sweat-proof and long-lasting, especially for daytime events under the sun where lots of fun activities are lined up for your Haldi Ceremony. Therefore, using a setting spray after completing your makeup is a must.
  1. Hair Style- You can experiment with different hairstyles for your Haldi ceremony look. You can try-
  • Mermaid Hair Style
  • Braided Bun
  • Half Tie hairstyle with flowers
  • Voluminous Twisted Braid with Flowers

    1. Shoe To Style With Saree- As there will be numerous performances, it's crucial to choose comfortable yet trendy footwear. You can consider any type of shoe from the list below-
  • Kohlapuri Sandal
  • Embroidery Jutti
  • Chunky and Embellished sneakers.
    1. Accessories-
    1. A. Accessories play a crucial role in your Haldi ceremony style. Your look remains incomplete without flower-made bangles and a necklace, which are currently on trend. Adding a mathapatti can enhance your style.
    2. Try pink, Off-white, or sea-green embedded stone jhumkas for earrings to create a contrasting look with your yellow attire.
    3. If you're aiming for a more alluring look, consider wearing a silver or golden kamarbandh.

    You can opt for a pearl-embedded kamarbandh. If you prefer not to accentuate your waistline, consider an embellished belt to style your saree.


    I hope you're ready to have fun without worrying about your look for the Haldi ceremony. Just snap a picture now, look fabulous, and don't forget to leave a review. If you have any doubts in your mind, don’t hesitate to just drop us a message, and we will reach out to help you.

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