If you're a saree lover and find it challenging to style differently every day, no need to panic. We've got the secret How to look beautiful in a saree every single day.

So, scroll down to give yourself a beautiful look in various places such as offices, marriage ceremonies, etc.

 How to look beautiful in saree

How to look classy in saree

Saree is one garment that is owned by every woman after a certain age, but the question always remains the same, that is, how to look gorgeous in saree? This six yards fabric is the most complicated garment to style, as you can over-style as well as under-style it without giving two hoots on it. It takes a lot of experience to carry a perfectly balanced saree. So, here in this blog, we have got you 12 pro tips on how to look beautiful in saree, without taking much effort.

  1. Use a thin border for the saree or a border-less saree- If you always wonder how to look stylish in saree, but always fail no matter how much you try to experiment with it. The most common issue that lies with a saree that makes you look aged or hinder your style statement is the broad border of the saree. You should always wear a saree that has a thin border or no border at all, as these sarees do not break the structure of your look or the saree and do not make you look short.

  2. Avoid stiff saree fabric- Whenever you think about how to look classy in saree, you have no answer to give to yourself although you have referred and applied all the points by those top-notch stylists and bloggers yet you look bulky and aged in the saree? If yes, then the problem lies in the fabric of the saree, you might be wearing cotton and silk sarees which have stiff fabrics making it hard to drape and style, instead, you should choose linen, chiffon, and tussar sarees as these sarees have free-flowing drapes which make these sarees easy to style and makes you look beautiful and classy.

  3. Use a contrasting color blouse- When you choose to wear a saree you are mostly advised to wear a blouse of the same color as the saree but you can definitely experiment with different color blouses for informal occasions or for daily wear, as the monotone of the saree is broken and you get a structured look when you carry this saree. 

  4. Selecting the right jewelry- Jewelry plays an important role in styling a saree but selecting the right piece of jewelry is a hectic task, you can play safe with the jewelry by matching it with the zari of your saree, by opting for the exact contrasting color of the saree, or for the safest option you can opt for kundan or polki jewelry as they come in natural colors and has been used for thousands of years, and it will give you a beautiful look with saree.

  5. Use fewer color bangles- Sarees and bangles are an inseparable duo in the Indian culture for many years and the evolution of bangles is a constant phenomenon, thus nowadays we have different styles of bangles but we should always choose monochromatic colors of bangles and use bracelets to enhance the look and you should avoid bangles with sparkle and heavy stonework so that the overall look of the saree does not look heavy.

  6. Use of minimal makeup- We cannot imagine ourselves without makeup whenever we go out and apply some amount of makeup comes in every day but when we have a party or wedding function to attend we tend to overdo our makeup with bold eyes we tend to wear bold red lipstick but we should always keep in mind that we should only accentuate one of our facial features and we should keep our body, neck, and facial color in balance.

  7. Use simple necklines on the blouse- Blouses are an important part of the clothing with the saree it has the ability to make or break your look as the overall cuts and embellishment can make you look broad and short in appearance, thus you should always go for simple necklines and cuts on the blouses to keep your look classy and beautiful.

  8. Wear your footwear before draping a saree- You should always choose your footwear before draping a saree as the heel of the shoe differ for every footwear so you should drape your saree after wearing your footwear as you will be able to judge the length of the saree and your pallu.

  9. Use a shapewear petticoat- Traditional petticoats make you look bulky in appearance below the hip area as they are traditionally made up of cotton or silk which are stiff fabrics new style shapewear petticoat hugs your torso and below as if it is personally designed for your body type which in turn makes the draping of the saree easy and stylish, thus, making you look gorgeous in appearance.

  10. Use earthy colors on the saree- It is not nuclear science for the weaver to use the right blend of colors in the saree that accentuate your look but since sarees are traditional attire they come in bright and bold colors such as red, green, magenta, pink, orange, etc., but these colors make you look aged instead you should opt for earthy tones such as rust, brown, blue, off white, etc. as they make you look gorgeous and young.

  11. Avoid 3/4th length of the blouse- Since, blouses are an important part of the saree, the right kind of blouse helps you to grab the attention of the crowd, and 90% of the blouse remains hidden under the pallu of the saree that's the reason more importance is given to the sleeve of the blouse. You should avoid wearing blouse sleeves of three-fourths the length of your arm as they make your arm look broad and short, the most flattering sleeve of the blouse is elbow-length sleeves.

  12. Use of safety pins- Sarees are generally free-flowing fabric and you don't need much effort to keep them secure sometimes to get that chic look, but we need the saree to be secured in pallu as it helps you to get a neat look for a formal event.

How to look smart in a saree

When aiming for an ultra-modern look in a saree but unsure how to look smart in a saree, follow these tips to slay the game in saree styling.

 Adding a watch- Wearing a saree can be quite a challenge, but the real        challenge lies in accessorizing with the saree look, especially considering the variety in fabric, color, and print. Adding a watch can solve your problem of how to look smart in a saree.

Ring to pair with saree- Don't overlook the impact of rings—they add a touch of class to your ensemble. You can try a gold or silver finger ring to look more elegant in saree.

Style with Bag- If you are a teacher then opt for a printed Tote bag with your office wear saree. You can choose a printed, multi-padded laptop bag if you carry a laptop every day.


Since we have come to the end of the blog, let us re-evaluate how to look beautiful in saree that you can use on various occasions, as nowadays sarees have gained enough popularity to wear during parties, weddings, or at the office due to the popularity of Indian movies and television series. To know more about how to look beautiful in saree just click on the red color link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who looks good in saree?

Since the saree is a versatile garment every woman with all body types and skin colors can carry it beautifully. It does not matter whether you are overweight or have a slim figure if draped in the right way you will look magnificent in it.

Q.  Which color saree is more attractive?

Although the saree is a traditional garment it comes in a variety of color except for the traditional red, orange, and green but earthy tones such as beige, blue, rust, etc. looks more attractive on a daily basis.

Q. Which type of saree is most attractive?

Banarasi khaddi georgette is the most attractive saree due to its delicate design with zari work in golden and silver with beautiful traditional motifs.

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