As you have landed on this page by typing on google for traditional mangalgiri sarees, we know that you are interested in mangalgiri sarees. So we welcome you in our page, where we have discussed all about Mangalgiri sarees.  

This particular saree actually originated in a very small town named as Guntur in Andhra Pradesh (India). These saree are specialty handcrafted and weaved by the artisans of Andhra Pradesh. So, this is the reason they are considered to be one of the most traditional weaves to ever exist.  

So, scroll down to know more about various types of Mangalgiri Sarees that Legacy Of Bhojraj , benefits and how to choose a good quality Mangalgiri Saree.

Types Of Mangalgiri Saree Available In Legacy of Bhojraj

Now below we are going to discuss different types of mangal saree collection that is available in Legacy Of Bhojraj.

Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees : This particular saree is crafted from pure cotton fabric, which makes it a very good choice for both office wear & daily wear. As pure cotton is used, this saree is really very durable and breathable, making it a perfect choice for people who live in tropical climate areas like India.

Mangalgiri Silk Sarees: Considering other silk sarees Mangalgiri Silk is the best one for middle class people, because you can have this particular saree within your budget . As silk is used in making  this saree they are a perfect choice for wedding purposes or other kinds of religious festivals.

This saree is also referred as Mangalgiri pattu sarees and are considered very auspicious among the Andhra community when it comes to their wedding. These silk sarees are often featured with thick borders which are usually woven in fine zari, moreover the pallu that you will normally see is also filled with mesmerizing zari work accompanied by traditional motifs such as flowers, vines and other traditional designs.

So if you are looking for a saree that you can wear at any party or occasion then you can check our Mangalgiri Silk Collection.

 Mangalgiri Sico Sarees

Mangalagiri Sico Sarees :   As this saree is a mixture of pure cotton & silk fabric, so you get the comfort and durability of a cotton saree and the traditional design of a silk saree. These sarees are normally found in traditional Jamdani pattern thus making it a very good saree that can be worn in any occasion.

Pros and Cons Of Mangalgiri Saree

Below we will be discussing 3 pros and 2 cons of traditional Mangalgiri saree.


  • Breathable : Mangalgiri Sarees are breathable in nature. 
  • Lightweight :  As they are made from the blend of cotton and silk, these saree are comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Versatility : These sarees are versatile in nature, because these saree can be easily draped and styled.


  • Limited Availability: Since traditional Mangalgiri sarees are often handmade, their supply is occasionally restricted. Finding a certain style or colour combination might be difficult, especially for those who are seeking it.
  • Wrinkle-Prone: Compared to pure silk sarees, Mangalgiri sarees may be more prone to wrinkles because of the cotton-silk combination. As a result, they could need more regular steaming or ironing to keep their crisp appearance.

    How To Choose A Perfect Mangalgiri Saree 

    Now below we will be discussing how to choose the perfect mangalgiri saree from Legacy of Bhojraj. 


    1. Fabric Quality: While buying a Mangalgiri Saree see if it is pure fabric or not. If you're buying a Mangalgiri Cotton saree see if it is made from pure cotton fabric and if you are buying a Mangalgiri Silk Saree check for the pure mark certificate tag. As many cheap imitations are available in the market, so if you follow these steps, you will always buy pure handloom Mangalgiri Saree. 
    2. Purpose: When buying Mangalgiri saree keep the occasion in mind. Consider Mangalgiri Cotton Saree for office use or daily use and choose a Mangalgiri Silk saree when you are visiting any special occasion like festivals or weddings.   
    3. Colour scheme: Your look as a whole might be greatly impacted by the colour of your Mangalgiri saree. When picking, keep in mind your skin tone. Choose pastels for office and for everyday use and for festive occasions you can select rich, dramatic colours.
    4. Durability : When you are going to  buy a Mangalgiri saree with your hard earned money, you want it to last for many years. So if you buy a pure cotton or pure silk Mangalgiri saree, then it  will last for many years. 
    5. Selecting The Right Budget :  Before purchasing a Mangalagiri handloom sarees, a budget must be established. You may limit your choices and make sure you get a saree that not only fits your style but also your financial limitations by setting a budget in advance. 

    Difference between Mangalgiri Saree and Narayanpet Saree 


    Mangalgiri Saree

    Narayanpet Saree


    They often feature modest patterns with subtle, straightforward motifs.

    These sarees are renowned for their striking and elaborate patterns, frequently drawn from nature and temples.


    Suitable for a variety of events, from informal get-togethers to semi-formal ones.

    Usually worn during elaborate celebrations, weddings, and other events.


     Why Should You Buy Mangalgiri Sarees Online From Legacy Of Bhojraj 

    Below in the 3 given pointers we are going to explain why should you buy a Mangalgiri Sarees online from Legacy Of Bhojraj. 

    1. Authenticity : The USP of Legacy Of Bhojraj, is that we deal in handloom sarees, so whatever Mangalgiri saree you buy be it Silk , Sico or Cotton, we sell 100% genuine & authentic sarees. So if you are looking to buy a 100% authentic Mangalgiri saree, then Legacy Of Bhojraj is the place to visit
    2. Diverse Collection :  You will be astonished by the collection of Mangalgiri saree we keep. We have a rich collection of this particular saree starting from Mangalgiri Cotton, Silk and Sico in different colours, designs and in different price ranges. 
    3. Discount Coupon :  If you buy any Mangalgiri Saree from us you will receive a discount coupon of upto Rs. 500 which you can redeem on your next purchase.


    In conclusion, we can say that Legacy Of Bhojraj is where you find the traditional charm of Mangalgiri sarees in a variety of fabrics including Cotton, Silk, and Sico. Our selection includes everything you're looking for, whether you want pleasant comfort, customizable style, or a hint of heritage. Your pleasure is guaranteed by our dedication to authenticity and excellence. So if you have found this blog a helpful one, then don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.


    What is the speciality of mangalgiri saree?

    The speciality of mangalgiri saree is that it is made from both cotton and silk fabric so they are suitable for every occasion.

    In which state mangalgiri sarees are made?

     This particular saree actually originated in a very small town named as Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

    How to wash mangalgiri saree?

    Don’t squeeze this saree too much, soak this saree in water and use mild detergent to hand wash it gently.


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