Looking for some graceful Sarees to Style this Summer? Well, your search ends here. Now that we mourn the end of the summer season, we can’t ignore the gradual temperature rise. It’s time to take out the fashionable summer wear from the wardrobe. Hot and humid summer weather calls for a breathable and lightweight ensemble that keeps you cool throughout the day.

Whether you’re sipping coffee at the office or doing a casual hangout with your friends, a daily wear summer season saree gives you comfort to shine with confidence. It’s how you can bring retro fashion trends back and nail your style game. Take a look at all the options you have. Ultimately, you’ll get a fair idea of all the sarees you can try out this summer.

Fabrics that make you feel breezy on the hot summer month

Be it a summer morning or evening, picking a saree for the season demands a perfect balance of comfort and style. Choose summer-friendly sarees and instantly transform your wardrobe into a haven of breathability. In this section we will detail you a list of fabrics to try out this summer. 

Cotton: When it comes to summer-friendly fabrics of 2024, cotton stands as a top-notch choice. The lightweight fabric exudes an airy and soft feel that keeps you cool even on hot days. Is there a better choice than a cotton saree to keep you comfortable and stylish?  

Types of daily wear summer season saree

We’ve discussed the suitability of cotton as the perfect summer-friendly saree for 2024. You should know the options and when you can try them out. Keep reading!

Gadwal cotton sarees 

Gadwal cotton sarees are a superb choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly saree to wear on formal occasions in summer. A pure cotton Gadwal saree comes in multiple designs, with options ranging from paisley motifs, and flower motifs to butta work and more. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and elegance that gives you a breezy feel all the time. 

Narayanpet cotton saree

Looking for a budget-friendly saree that adds a touch of grace to your traditional look? If so, a Narayanpet cotton saree is an excellent choice. A Narayanpet cotton saree is feathery soft and lightweight.  

These sarees come with a striped pallu and are available in a variety of colors, including mustard yellow, orange, and mint green. Feel free to try a saree based on your skin tone.

It’s easy to maintain and you can hand or machine-wash these sarees, making them an ideal daily wear summer season saree.

Kanchi cotton saree

Looking for Simple sarees to style this summer? You can’t go wrong with a Kanchi cotton saree. It’s made of high-quality cotton and offers you a comfortable fit. A Kanchi cotton saree is available in multiple designs and shades, making it a versatile choice for summer. . 

Sarees to wear for weddings this summer 

Silk is one such fabric that is breathable and promotes circulation. A silk saree doesn’t weigh you down and grants ease of movement. 

Stop by and try out these Summer sarees for wedding parties 

A silk saree makes you look jaw-dropping at weddings and formal occasions. With its moisture-wicking property, breathability, and natural insulation, silk sarees exude the perfect combination of comfort and style. And, since silk sarees are available in unique color contrast and designs, you won’t run out of options. Let’s check out some Silk sarees to style this summer. 

Pashmina Tussar silk saree

This saree comes woven of Pashmina wool obtained from goats in the Himalayas. Such silk sarees come with a decorative floral or paisley border. The fabric is known for its softness, warmth, and lightweight nature, making it one of the best luxuries even in contemporary times. 

Try a Pashima saree today if you’re looking for luxurious Sarees to Style this Summer

Mysore silk saree 

Mysore silk sarees are the epitome of luxury and timeless elegance. It’s a heavily embroidered saree that is ideal to wear at weddings and formal parties. Mysore silk has a luster and sheen not found elsewhere. If you’re looking for Sarees to style this summer for wedding, a Mysore silk saree is a must-have.

Some summer-friendly colors and prints

It’s better to avoid dark colors like dark blue, brown, and black as these colors attract heat and will likely cause you discomfort. Avoid wearing a dark-colored saree in summer as it traps heat that transfers to the skin. Wondering which colors to try this summer? Let’s check them out!

Bright hues 

If it’s summer, you can always go for bright hues of pink, orange, yellow, and green. Such vivid colors will make you look stunning. A multi-colored saree looks amazing, and you can pick one. If you’re a pink lover, you can try out our watermelon pink Madhubani saree.  Our yellow-shaded Mangalgiri cotton saree is ideal to wear on puja and other summer festivities. 

Pastel shades

Pastel colors are trending at the moment. Whether it’s a shade of lavender or pink, light pastel shades will radiate your glow in summer. You can also opt for a beige or cream color as it doesn’t attract heat and makes you feel comfortable. 

Now that you’ve got a fair idea of which colored saree to try this summer, it’s time to check out some trending prints. You can indeed try a printed saree and stand out. The unique nature-inspired are distinctive. The bright and bold prints are also inspiring, and impressive. Try out a pastel-shaded organza saree and look stunning this summer. 

Light floral print

 An organza saree with a light floral print looks beautiful. While some sarees have intricate details, others may come with bold floral prints. These sarees come with colorful motifs that make them stand out.

Traditional printed sarees

You can always opt for traditional printed sarees with some stunning prints. Be it a marvelous Madhubani saree, or an exquisite Baluchari saree, these are the most known and valued art forms you can find on a saree. 


Wearing a saree isn’t as complicated as believed by most.  The comfort, breathability, and elegance of a saree make you feel comfortable while exuding royalty and elegance. Whether you prefer a contemporary or classic style, sarees lend you a versatile look.

Breathability and lightweight cotton sarees are ideal for office and regular wear. You can opt for a silk saree to look graceful on reception parties and corporate events

Now that you’re aware of summer-friendly saree colors, fabrics, or designs, it will become easy for you to pick one. 


Which saree is best for summer? 

If you’re shopping for cotton Sarees to Style this Summer, a Gadwal cotton saree is worth a try.  A pure cotton Gadwal saree is suitable for regular wear and for dressing up for parties. 


February 21, 2024 — Web Bhojraj

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