Holi is the festival of colors and it marks the arrival of spring. It’s the time when people of all religions come together to celebrate and spread happiness. It’s the time to spend with friends and family and enjoy water balloon fights. This festivity calls for the time to raise a toast to the ladies who bring color into everyone’s life.  If you’re a saree lover and want to look traditional like any other fashion freak out there, you can Celebrate the Holi with Indian Sarees.

As the festival knocks on the door, it’s time to get going and opt for the colorful sarees. Seize the opportunity to look stunning and make your day extra special. In this blog, we will tell you how to choose trending sarees for Holi and accessorize it. Read on to know which color you should choose and which fabric to opt for.   

So, what are you waiting for? Read our blog where we will tell you how to choose trending sarees for Holi and accessorize it. Get to know which color you should choose and which fabric to opt for. 

Celebrating Holi In Indian Culture And Heritage

Celebrating Holi in Indian sarees has many cultural significance. Let’s talk about them.

Cultural Identity: It’s not just a tradition of playing with organic colors and balloons but also calls for the need to wear ethnic wear. Express your emotions and be a part of this festival of colors. Wearing ethnic wear during Holi is a way to express a connection with Indian culture. 

Festive spirit:  India is a land of diversified culture and tradition. Immerse yourself in the elegance of a Holi special saree to showcase cultural and religious diversity. Holi is a festival that brings people together and creates a lively atmosphere. 

Colors Of Holi special saree To Keep Your Eyes On

Holi is all about vibrant colors. If you want to Celebrate the Holi with Indian Sarees, you’re in luck. There’s a variety of sarees available in a spectrum of colors to opt for. You can opt for traditional sarees in colors of red, blue or green. Check out shades of peach and purple if you’re seeking trendy or fashionable sarees. Let’s check out some more saree colors you can try this Holi. 

Pink: It’s a color that represents prosperity, love and joy and pink saree adds a touch of elegance and grace to the person who wears it. Pink lovers can try out this unique saree this Holi. 

Yellow: Yellow symbolizes the arrival of spring and is considered auspicious. Try a budget-friendly yellow saree  if you want a bright colored saree for Holi festival.

Blue: Though it’s a less traditional choice for Holi, a grey colored saree with blue border can still  add a soothing touch to your festive look. So you can wear a graceful blue colored saree and be a part of the Holi celebrations.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Style Sarees for Holi

When you’re choosing a saree for the Holi festival, you’ve got two options to pick, traditional or contemporary. For your better understanding, we will offer a detailed comparison between the two choices.

Traditional choice 

            If you want to try something traditional, Kanchi cotton  sarees are the ways to go. A gorgeous Kanchi cotton sarees comes with a broad temple border and features Mayur design or Kalka design on the paar. It flaunts Resham butta work on the body. You can opt for a peach pink color if you’ve to attend a program to attend in the morning. If there’s an evening party, you should go for a maroon or royal blue colored saree.

Contemporary choice
            Mangalgiri cotton sarees are a classic choice for fashion-savvy modern ladies. These sarees come with a zari border or temple border and feature checks on the body.  They are flowy and lightweight, making them a good choice for Holi celebrations. A sky blue saree is a classic choice for someone seeking an elegant saree for a day event.  You can opt for a royal blue saree if you want to wear a saree at evening parties. 

Tips On Choosing The Best Holi saree for Women

Let’s share some tips on choosing the best holi saree for women. 

  • Breathable fabrics: Always opt for sarees woven from breathable fabrics, including cotton, or chiffon that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. It offers you flexibility and ease of movement as you play with colors. 
  • Color choice: Holi is all about bright and vibrant colors. Make your moments extra special and opt for a yellow, blue, green or White saree for holi
  • Draping style :Choose a draping style that keeps you cozy and comfortable. While some prefer a traditional drape, others may opt for a fusion or traditional drape. Experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you.

Holi Special Saree Styling Tips

In this section, we will share some Holi special  saree styling tips.

Blouse piece: The blouse piece you choose to match a saree can impact your look to a great extent. If you want to opt for a chic and trendy blouse piece, go for a halter neck, or off-shoulder blouse piece. Experiment with multiple back designs or sleeve lengths to get a classic and unique look. 

Layering: Some extra layers of your saree may add dimension and style. You can do so with a contrasting shrug, jacket or cape. It allows you to play with multiple patterns and textures. 

Makeup and hairstyle: You can opt for hairstyles that compliment your saree look, including a sleek bun, braids or loose curls. For a minimalistic makeup, you can opt for a fresh dewy look with a pop of colors on the lips or eyes.


No matter what your preference is, there’s always a saree waiting for you to meet your unique demands. Whether it’s a fancy Holi special saree or one woven of the finest cotton threads, it’s bound to make you look stunning and colorful. Now that we’ve shared the types of sarees you can try and how to accessorize one, you’ll find it easy to style and choose one. We hope that you’ve liked our blog. If that’s a yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends and on your social media handles. 


Which is Best Holi saree for Women?

Nothing beats the traditional look of a pure cotton saree for the festival. As the length of the day becomes longer and temperature rises, you can go for a White saree for holi. It’s comfortable and lightweight and allows free flow of air, making it the perfect choice to enjoy the festivity. 

Which colored saree is best for Holi? 

It’s best to wear sarees in vibrant and bright colors of pink, blue, green and red. You’ll also look stunning in sarees with colorful designs and prints.  

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