Are you curious about what saree to wear this rainy season? If yes, then read this complete blog about monsoon saree trends to gain proper knowledge about which saree to wear during the monsoon.

When choosing sarees for this season, it's better to select fabrics that dry quickly or absorb moisture well. Opting for cotton, linen or synthetic blend sarees is a smarter choice. These fabrics are easy to wash and quick to dries, making them perfect for the monsoon season.

 It is better to select a saree that is easy to care and resilient against the rain, So that you can enjoy the rainy day without thinking about your saree.

 So continue reading if you want to gain more knowledge about Monsoon saree trends. 

Sarees for rainy season

Often choosing a fabric with expectations of comfort is distressing.  

So here's a few comfortable fabrics solutions suitable for wet climates for you to be aware of, before shopping for monsoon. 

Linen sarees for rainy season 

Monsoons must be dedicated for dry and airy fabric that absorbs wetness faster than most other fabricated sarees comparatively. Best of them is Pure linen, one of the highly suggested materials to opt for while choosing a saree for monsoon. Linen sarees for the rainy season feel extremely light on the body and are your saver during the unexpected wet climate. 

Assuming that you love trendy shades to brighten your monsoon appearance, we highly recommend wine red, rust, red or maroon shades for night outs. While for events under daylight, bottle or peacock green, white, blue or similar tones would be an appreciated choice. 

Cotton sarees for rainy season 
Monsoons are for dark colors and vibrant tones. But what about monsoon events and parties? Monsoons are to style moisture controlling sarees that ideally dries up sooner than other fabrics.  Premium Pure cotton Gadwal sarees in cream  will be perfect  for a glamorous monsoon event look. 

There are more to discover in Cotton sarees for the rainy season to rock in  comfortable fashion. 

Narayanpet Cotton sarees 

Narayanpet cotton saree, the evergreen monsoon wear offers low maintenance efforts and remarkable quality to lock moisture for a comfortable day or night out in rainy seasons. 

You can even consider Narayanpet cotton sarees for daily wear or for special events in monsoons. Monsoons are mostly celebrated in brighter shades, so maroon, gray, orange, and mustard yellow are some practical shades that are good to go for this monsoon.

Mangalagiri cotton sarees 

Mangalagiri cotton, another safe fabric to blindly trust for wet climates deserves mention in the list. This fabric is a renowned favorite for saree lovers for its moisture wicking nature and is too easy to maintain and style. Managlagiri cotton sarees are mostly used for religious purposes by devotees to resemble purity and devotion. 

One can even walk with trends with Mangalagiri cotton with vibrant hues like Pista green, lavender, sky blue, baby pink and even coral pink to embrace your saree day in fashion and style.

Silk Sarees for rainy season 

When it comes to wearing appropriate fabrics for monsoon days, it's quite stressful to choose the right fabric to not go outdated from fashion while styling in comfort. How about silk sarees for the rainy season? Silk sarees bring elegance in a pretty looking environment after rain, while its natural moisture resilient fabric keeps wetness trouble away.

Breathable Fabrics & Easy to Dry - A Must Have Combination For Monsoon Sarees

When choosing sarees for the monsoon season, breathable and quick-drying fabrics should be your top priority. The unpredictable weather during the monsoon can be challenging if you select the wrong fabric. If it rains unexpectedly, you will get wet, and if your saree is not breathable, it won't dry quickly, potentially causing discomfort or illness.

That's why selecting sarees made from breathable and lightweight fabrics is a smarter choice.

Cotton, linen, or synthetic blend sarees are ideal. These fabrics are not only lightweight but also quick to dry. Additionally, they are easy to care for and maintain, making them perfect for the monsoon season.

 Select Saree Colour Wisely

 Though light color sarees like white, cream & beige colour are traditional looking saree but all these light colour sarees must be avoided during the monsoon month. 
Try to select darker colour saree in the monsoon months.

So if you want to avoid stains and mud in the monsoon month then select Red, Black, Orange, Maroon, Yellow, Bright red colour sarees

 Choose Minimalistic Design Saree 

Monsoon season is not the right time to choose heavily designed sarees. Instead, you should opt for plain sarees during this month. If you select heavily designed sarees, then saree is likely to get stopped from muds and dirts on the road. Plain sarees, on the other hand, are easier to maintain during the monsoon season.

 Tips To Care Sarees During The Monsoon Season

As you are buying sarees with your hard-earned money, it's necessary to know how to take proper care of them during the monsoon season. During this rainy season, do not keep your sarees in plastic bags because there is a high chance of dampness, which can spoil the fabric.

  • Take a look on the tips below to maintain your sarees well:
  • Avoid washing your sarees in hot water.
  • Use white vinegar when washing silk and chiffon sarees.
  • After washing your saree do not use hot iron on it immediately because it can affect the fabric of the saree. 

 Drape The Saree Perfectly

 The saree draping style during the monsoon season can both make or break your look. If you want to enjoy the drops of rain on your body, you must drape the saree neatly.

If you do not want to keep the bottom portion of your saree dirty, you must drape your saree above your waist. Another thing you must make sure of is that the pleats of your saree are firm and tight. If not, take safety pins with you and make sure that the pleats don't fold accidentally.

Drape the pallu on your shoulder and keep the pallu loose. So that you can use the pallu to cover your head during unexpected rain.

Cheer Up Your Monsoon Mood By Choosing The Right Saree

 Selecting the perfect saree will refresh your mood. Try to include elements of nature in your saree, such as floral prints, leaf motifs, or earthy tones. These tones will not only add a touch of elegance to your outfit but also give the perfect feel of the season.

You can keep experimenting with the texture of the saree to get the perfect feel of the monsoon season.


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Which sarees to wear in rainy season?

Linen & Cotton fabric saree will be the perfect choice for this rainy season. The lightweight & breathable fabric makes all these saree perfect choice for the rainy season. 


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