Raksha Bandhan, a day to communicate your truest love towards your precious sister and make her day special. Unfolding the tales of significant details of saree, must be known to you before figuring out the best of sarees for your sister on this Raksha Bandhan. 

Peeping through search engines for the best Sarees to give on this raksha bandhan ? This blog is your ultimate destination to make this Raksha Bandhan, the most special one for your sister. This blog is everything you need to pick the perfect saree for her to look her best  on the occasion.

Essence of saree in Indian culture 

Sarees have been an age old fashion, the history of which is rooted in the antique dressing style of the Indus Valley Civilization that kept evolving with passing years. The drape mentioned in epic textbooks of India, has evolved with culture intervention of immigrants and invaders and their take on sarees. This article is our effort to establish fashionable saree gifting ideas for your sister in this Raksha Bandhan. 

Choosing an appropriate Saree fabrics to gift this Raksha Bandhan

Different people adore different fabrics while shopping for sarees. You might or not be short of ideas on versatile fabric collections available in the market. So, here we are, guiding you to explore the best fabric in sarees that carries the essence of your love and devotion towards her. 

Surprise your sister with Pure Linen Saree 

If you are longing for elegance in simplicity, sarees in Pure Linen fabric is just a treasure of a saree. Pure Linen sarees are renowned for its breathable fabric that feels too airy and smooth on body than most other fabrics. 

Fashion is impractical and uncomfortable, Says who? Pure Linen fabric is blessed with eco-friendly and absolutely comforting nature. So, If your sister chooses effortless comfort over heavy clothing, a budget friendly linen saree might be a worthy present for your beloved sister in this Raksha Bandhan.

 If you need tips on styling linen saree, read this relevant blog to know how. 

Gift her a gorgeous Silk Saree as a present 

Silk sarees, the queen of fabrics, often make ideal presents for any festive celebration as it truly indicates your profound love and emotions towards your sibling irrespective of her age. Silk sarees manifest a dramatic language of love through the unique patterns and prints, which is why it is one of the most popular gifted sarees in recent times. 

Assuming that your sister takes pride in artistic draping and spiritual essence on her outfits, Let her wrap her in the finest Madhubani printed sarees, meant for natural grace with artistry patterns on solid colors. Madhubani printed a saree collection at Legacy of Bhojraj to highlight her enthusiastic presence on festive moments, making it memorable for a long time. 

Or she might be among some who love to stay close to nature. If yes, then how about Kanjivaram silk sarees, one of the most trusted eco friendly fabrics that the wearer feels proud of wearing. We are very sure of your sister loving a beautiful Kanjivaram silk sarees of premium quality and shade that she can wear on her special days and remember the day, she was gifted the same. 

Seems like you are still reading to explore more! You can even select a dazzling organza silk saree in a soothing shade matching to her complexion profile that talks fashion of its fabric and sits on the body of the wearer in the most natural way possible. 

How about a trendy Tussar Saree 

Sister, the best secret keeper, one who took care of you, and loves you the most, deserves premium sarees! Doesn't she? So why not buy her Tussar Baluchari, the emblem of the elite with motifs and traditional patterns. 

And If you have an image of silky soft, comfortable and crafty saree with zari work in its borders at the back of mind, Tussar Silk saree is just highly suggested. And you know what! You can be fortunate enough to buy this evergreen fabricated affordable Silk sarees to gift this raksha bandhan of shiny hues only at Legacy of Bhojraj

Rakha Bandhan is an occasion where demands of sisters cannot be underestimated. Therefore, here comes a gorgeous Kashmiri fabric that will win your heart. Tussar Pashmina sarees, a cozy fabric with ideal designs that carries the warmth of Kashmir and comes under your budget of gifting for this Raksha Bandhan. 

Make her Rakhi special with Cotton Sarees 

Outfits preferences can never be forced! Right? So, if your sister is minimalistic, poetic and rhythmic, she deserves a gorgeous cotton Gadwal saree. This saree is well known to embrace calmness enriched with unique flair. 

Or, if your sister is a young bunch of curious questions, playful and loves vibrancy, applique work cotton sarees are for her. Applique cotton Sarees, the epitome of cultural resemblance, gives that auspicious aura and celebrity look significantly. The playful patterns and prints of Applique work empowers the femininity and antiquity of the saree simultaneously that matches with her poetic vibes. 

Some women praise minimalistic dressing styles. If your sister is one of them, Cotton Kanjivaram saree is what you need! Cotton Kanjivaram sarees are swift draping of elegant miracles that will turn your gorgeous sister look like queen in no time. 

While some appreciate classic plain saree style statements than extras of patterns, prints, jazz and vivacity. For women like such, Mangalagiri cotton sarees are the ideal presents to embrace her simplicity and culture in her drape. 

Gift saree to your sister based on her personality 

Often tastes and preferences differ in saree selection, so here’s a significant saree guide for you to choose according to your sister’s vibe and personality. You can even check out Legacy of Bhojraj for Latest sarees for Raksha Bandhan for your darling sister. 

Gifting saree to fashionable sister 

Your sister might be a happening person with trendy choices, we indeed have best sarees specially picked up for trend enthusiasts. Here's how you must spend strategically on sarees as a gift for your fashionable sister. 

Sarees to slay? Go for jazz color sarees like royal blue, rose gold, wine red, Deep green, Off white or cream white and similar shades for her to burst in tears with bliss. If you’re comfortable with a good budget, readymade sarees might also work as the worthy Saree for rakhi of this year. 

You might want to give the most modern versions of antiquity in sarees. Communicate your love, choosing from Tussar pashmina, Tussar silk saree with zari border, Mysore silk, Madhubani printed silk saree, Organza silk for best Raksha bandhan saree look this year. 

Opt for premium Brocade Kanjivaram silk in green, Gadwal silk, Tussar Banarasi sarees in blue and silk designer sarees in hot red, carrot orange. 

And what if you obtain such miraculous sarees on discount! Browse Legacy of Bhojraj Now! 

Gifting saree to your newly married sister wedded

No matter what ! Raksha Bandhan gifts specially for married sisters are emotional. If your sister is already married or is going to marry soon, you need to gift accordingly. 

A married sister deserves the best sarees for her to wear on auspicious days and miss her family. What an overwhelming moment it would be, to wear brother’s gift on her special events, post marriage. Therefore, we recommend Banarasi Khaddi georgette in white with red borders, Lemon yellow Sico Gadwal, Kanjivaram silk in any color she loves. 

Gifting saree to your professional sister 

Assuming your sister is an independent woman and loves flaunting her personality through her quality saree collection at her organization, below are the ideas to help you. 

Office girls love plain, affordable and simple draping that is accomplished with or without designs. Office saree collection generally depends on the fabric you prefer and colors you love.

 Hence, our suggestions for finest sets of sarees for your office going sister would be one of Linen or tissue fabric. Both Linen and tissue fabrics are trendy fabrics that cater both demand of comfort and style statement. 

Need something for office parties? There you go! The dazzling fabric of floral Organza sarees with mesmerizing prints would be undoubtedly a best choice for office events. Organza sarees complement all skin tones and shapes or sizes. Don’t know how to style them? Read this blog to know how. 

Selecting the ideal color palette appropriate to her purpose 

Playing with colors on an outfit makes it fun and blissful. Often color on an outfit speaks for the reason, one puts it on. For example, red and yellow shades of sarees stand for purity, auspiciousness and positive vibes. White sarees with red borders popular in Bengal  are mainly considered for religious purposes. 

Similarly darker shades are for loud events like shades of black, blue and purple are vibes for parties, night outs, and glamor. Yellow and green tones are close to nature. Saree of these shades can be considered on picnics, day outs and special dates to embrace peace and natural elements in the moments. 

One can even play with different color contrasts, mis and match with blouses or even go for eye appealing trendy aesthetics to bring out their best versions in sarees. The minimalistics can opt for evergreen shades and prints like carrot orange, sea green, floral printed white or black sarees for significant events. 

While the trendy hues best for gifting on occasion of Raksha Bandhan  would be Stellar blue, Royal blue, maroon, gray, green and surprisingly brown too. 

Raksha Bandhan Saree gift guide

  • Comfort matters! It's highly suggested to go for a warm, silky and soft fabric like linen, cotton, tissue, and similar fabrics as discussed above. You can explore even more options on the product section of Legacy of Bhojraj
  • Go for warm or undertone colors. Colors and shades selection must never be underestimated while gifting a saree as it leaves a long lasting impression and makes the moment of gifting memorable. It would be recommended to ask her the colors she prefers before scanning options. 
  • Know her choices and personality. The gift-giving moment becomes lively when you give exactly what she likes. 

What about the budget? 

No wonder, Gifts are extraordinary feelings. And no brother will like to compromise with quality over budget for his sister. 

We value your priceless intent and therefore, we suggest a quality purchase from Legacy of Bhojraj that offers EMI options for you to never hesitate on matters of quality for affordability. 

We bring you authenticity and timeless emotions from Kanjivaram, Narayanpet, Banarasi to  Printed silk

Modernity with antiquity 

Gifts are personal ! In terms of saree, choices reflect inner self, mainly identity. You have seen your sister since birth and nobody knows her more than you. Hence, choose a gift that matches her aura, interests and personality. 

These days, saree lovers prefer antique fabric with modern designs that too in aesthetic shades and trendy patterns to glow up in simplicity. You can add a trendy blouse piece or readymade blouse matching with antique fabricated saree for versatile styling of saree. 


Figuring out which fabric to choose sarees for raksha bandhan for best sister in the world! 

Here we have considered significant details for you to pick the best saree or sarees collection to gift your sister on this Raksha Bandhan. From fabric to colors, this blog discusses finest details on what and how to choose for your beloved sister and let her feel special. 

This is the era of body positivity, therefore Legacy of Bhojraj, a visionary brand that has something for all age groups and all shapes and sizes, warmly welcomes you in this festive season, to pick your sister’s most favorite sarees from here.  We promise quality and budget friendly options to win yours and your sister's heart. 


What is so special about Raksha Bandhan? 

Raksha Bandhan popularly known as Rakhi is the celebration of sibling’s love and promise to protect each other. The tradition of rakhi tying is rooted in the age old history of India when Draupadi ties up a piece of cloth around the bleeding wrist of shri Krishna to cure the wound caused on the Battleground. In return, she was promised protection and security by Shri Krishna for her lifetime. 

Which color saree is good for rakhi?

Sarees in the shades of purple, dark green, carrot orange, gray and blue are in the season. However, trendy colors like lavender, glossy maroon, rose gold, orchid pink shade can be opted for as a gift. 

How to choose a Saree for a gift? 

Sarees for gifting purpose must be chosen as per comfortable and quality fabric. One can select simple or printed sarees as per the choices of the person to be gifted. Most girls love metallic colors or low toned beige or cream coloured sarees. 

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