Is there a classic traditional red and white saree in your wardrobe? But, you want to create a new look right? Learn How to style white saree with red border in different ways to adore a new look.

In the world of traditional Indian fashion white saree with a red border has always been a favorite. This classic combination has never gone out of style even in the generation of Gen-Z. Whether it is a traditional Gujarati wedding, or the Durga Ashtami Pushpanjali, white saree with red border (Panetar for the Gujarati bride) is a must. After all, the fusion carries the soul and essence of Indian culture from time immemorial.

Hence, at Legacy of Bhojraj we came up with how to style white saree with red border for wedding or any any festivities, and the history, symbolism the classic combination carries along.

So, scroll to read in detail.

Tips on styling a white saree with red border

Bengali women put on a white saree with red border silk on auspicious occasions like marriages and other sacred festivals. Durga puja is one such widely celebrated Bengali festival                                                                            and it’s needless to state that the red-bordered white saree has a special role to play in festive times. 

Just as we are referring to a single color combination, it doesn’t mean there’s a limited scope of experimentation. You can easily turn a white saree with a red border into a chic fashion statement. 

Here are some essential tips to accessorize or style a traditional bengali white saree with red border.                                                                                             

Draping style: Bengali women love to drape in a saree without a pleat. You can try out a traditional Bengali tradition or flaunt it as usual. 

Silk, cotton or muslin: You should be aware of the material of the saree. In general, this sort of color combination is seen in pure cotton sarees. Even, there are some muslin or pure silk sarees with zari work on it. But, the rule is to go for light makeup with a a bright colored saree.

Hairstyle: There’s no specific rule on the type of hairstyle you can carry with a white saree with a red border. If you want, you can leave your hair open to look urbanic and chic. Plait your hair or pin it in the middle. Put on a traditional bengali white saree with red border and look traditional with a bun hairstyle. You can accessorize your saree with traditional Bengali hair jewelry with gold nets and flowered pins. 

Draping in six yards of modernity and tradition 

White and red are the primary colors of Bengali culture and hold quite a cultural significance. Due to the  dual tone of the saree, it became popular and favorite among Bengalis. While red symbolizes love, celebration and passion, white represents purity.  The blend of transparency and vibrancy in the lal paar saree make the Bengalis admire and regard the color pairing. 

Red and white saree for durga puja and wedding is more than a piece of cloth, it’s an emotion to the Bengali ladies.  

Nailing on a white saree with red border: styles and occasions

While thinking about the Indian ensembles and sarees, the first thing that clicks our mind is a white saree with red border. Across cinema screens and red carpets, a lal-paar saree has been a beloved choice of musicians and actresses. Whether you pair it with contemporary accessories or traditional journey, the saree exudes a magnetic allure that goes beyond the trends. 

How to style white saree with red border for wedding

How to style white saree with red border for wedding

The city of Joy, Kolkata seems incomplete without its rich cultural heritage. But for traditional and Indian ensemble lovers, Bengal is also synonymous with the elegance of traditional Bengali white saree with red border. It exudes the essence of a Hindu woman’s identity.

White conch bangles and red coral bangles complement this traditional ensemble.  Along with this ensemble, her red sindur symbolizes her marital status. No doubt you’d look breathtaking in a white lal-par saree. Keep reading for tips on How to style white saree with red border for wedding.

Accessorizing with silver or golden jewelry: Enhance the red and white saree look with traditional gold jewelry, red bindi, and red bangles. The color combination exudes grace and reflects the timeless beauty of love and commitment, making you feel like a radiant bride on your special day.

Accessorize Thoughtfully: Enhance your red and white saree look by adding traditional gold jewelry, like a maang tikka, necklace, and bangles. This balances the sophistication of the white tone, adding a touch of glamor.

Play with Makeup: Opt for a classic look with red lips and a subtle smokey eye. This complements the red border and adds a timeless charm to your overall appearance.

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Off-white Gadwal sico saree: 

Make a statement with the classic combination of off-white Gadwal Sico saree, a symbol of indefinite power that you have in you. The saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece to experiment with your liking.

Cream Gadwal silk saree:

With sheer texture and made of quality workmanship, cream gadwal silk saree often gets passed to the next generation. 

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Red and white linen saree:  Give yourself comfort and a graceful look with our red and white linen saree. It comes with an unstitched blouse piece for you to experiment with a look of your liking.  


If you’re unaware of how to wear white saree with red border, then this post is for you.  By now, we discussed how to nail your looks for wedding, and other events in a red and white saree. Hope you’ve liked the post, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


How to accessorize a white saree with red border

Want some tips on how to style white saree with red border for wedding? You can experiment with the different draping styles, blouse designs and accessories to have a look of your own. While minimalistic jewels intensifies your elegance, statement jewel pieces enhance vibrancy.

What do the colors symbolize?

While white tone is linked with purity and simplicity, red is the color for celebration, weddings and affairs. Draping a white saree with a red border gives you a bright and fresh outlook. 

When to wear red and white saree?

Durga ashtami seems incomplete for ladies without a white saree with a red border. It’s a mark of devotion and respect to the goddess. Bengali ladies put on lal paar white sarees during various religious ceremonies, including cultural events, and anniversaries. They look the prettiest in red and white saree.


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