Silk sarees are an integral part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. Pure silk saree looks elegant and are available in styles and designs. It not only gives you a structured look; but also exudes a neat shine in the saree. Made from silk thread, silk sarees are more expensive than other fabrics. But, if you want to invest in yourself, you can go for our pure silk sarees

Legacy of Bhojraj is here to offer you Tips for Finding Your Ideal Pure Silk Saree. Scroll down for further details.

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Pure Silk Saree 

A saree is a majestic piece of garment and when it comes to wearing silk sarees one can never go wrong with the fabric as the delicate detailing of the fabric exudes elegance, opulence, and the classic ancient feel. But finding your ideal silk saree can be a task in itself, thus we have got you four pro tips for finding your ideal pure silk saree which are as follows:

  1. Choose a saree according to the occasion - It is very important for us to choose a garment according to the occasion that you are invited to especially when it comes to the saree as it does not look good. For example, if you choose a Banarasi saree instead of Narayanpet sarees for office wear.
  2. Choose the color scheme wisely - Colors play a major role in the psychology of the human mind. Even psychologists say that different colors evoke different emotions in the human brain, thus we should always choose our color wisely according to the occasion. For example, we should not wear red sarees for a presentation in the office or with the clients instead we should opt for blue sarees as these subtle colors showcase or give an impression that you are a reliable person.
  3. Keep your body type in mind - As a human being our brain is so much trained by advertisement and marketing tactics that we don’t even think twice before getting a product whether we actually need it or not.  Same psychology plays when we look for sarees if we see it online the marvelous product description make us buy the saree and if we buy it from the store the enchanting words from the sales person make us like the saree but one thing that always skips our mind is the body type we belong to inverted triangle body type which means you have broad shoulder and you are wearing sarees with broad borders such as Gadwal sarees your shoulders will be highlighted making it look odd and all the gorgeous get up that you might be carrying will all go waste, as all the attention will be diverted towards your shoulder.
  4. Check for the saree border - Saree being an Indian traditional garment has varieties, as India has a rich cultural history which makes the same six-yard fabric have varieties in its weaving and embellishment same is the case with the borders of the saree. You can get block print borders, zari borders, brocade borders, thread-work borders, etc. Thus you should make wise choices in which you are most comfortable with and what occasion you are buying your silk saree for.

How to identify the purity of a Silk Saree

In this era where technology has been developed rigorously making a duplicate of the natural fabric is not a task same is the case with silk sarees. But you don’t need technical data or degrees on how to find original pattu sarees. These five pro tips to identify silk sarees used from generation to generation will help. So without any further ado let's look into those tips.

Burn test - You can ask the shop owner after you have finalized the saree to give you a few threads from the end and you can burn those if you get a sulphur-like smell with ashes it means it is genuine silk.

Silk mark -  It is the certification or tag given by the Central Silk Board which is monitored by the Government of India, which gives you an assurance that the saree is made up of pure silk.

Touch and feel the fabric - If you have been around silk fabrics for a long period of time or have done proper research on silk it is very easy to recognize silk with its very light sheen that is next to impossible for even high-quality machinery to duplicate. Silk is smooth and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin and has a soft texture.

Fabric sheen - Good quality silk sarees have a unique shine and are visible in the light. It has a very subtle shine which is not too harsh to the eyes.

Look in trusted shops - If you are getting a silk saree for yourself for the first time, then we always suggest visiting well well-reputed and well-known saree shop.

When should you wear pure silk saree? 

In India and abroad, saree lovers admire and adore the delicacy of pure silk saree. A saree woven of pure silk is soft and comfy to wear. Whether formal and casual, you can drape in a saree to enhance your appeal. We’ll share styling tips with a Pure silk saree for wedding, reception, anniversary or other events.


Matching Occasions with Your Pure Silk Saree Selection

A pure silk saree not only makes you look sensuous and elegant; but also meets a diversified taste. Whether you visit your office or attend a wedding party, a saree can be worn in many ways. You can drape a saree according to your weight, height, comfort and body shape. Legacy of Bhojraj shares tips on styling and accessorizing Pure silk saree for wedding, reception and other events. 

Left side pallu

If you’re attending a casual event, go for this draping style. Pleat the saree around your waist and then bring the pallu to the left shoulder. It depends on the type of party wear pure silk saree you’re wearing and comfort levels.  

Pleating it in a single layer
It’s a unique way of draping pure silk sarees. You can either pin it in a single layer or you can pleat the pallu and get a neater look. Don your bridal look in a silk saree with pleated pallu. 

Reception & wedding ceremony:                                                                        

A red pure silk drape is a bride’s delight. Luxurious fabric, opulence and intricate motifs make it an ideal choice for receptions and weddings. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or a guest, a pure silk saree never fails to add charm to the celebration. 

Shop our beige, rani pink, mauve, jet black,  brown or dark green Pure silk saree for wedding reception

Cultural events 

Pure silk saree can be your go-to choice if you want to go to music galas and cultural events. You can pair it with statement jewelry and look sophisticated and graceful.

Characteristics of an Ideal Pure Silk Saree

The regal pure silk sarees never go out of style and don't fail to mesmerize with their patterns, shades, and weaves. A traditional silk saree takes a meticulous process to weave. It can even take months to complete one saree in the handloom. 

Bhojraj special silk sarees 

Since we are already discussing silk sarees let’s see some of Bhojraj special silk sarees so that you can pick your favorite with the assurance of getting original pattu sarees.

Gadwal silk sarees - These subtle sarees are the pride of south India, due to their unique weaving technique of warp and weft which makes these sarees durable, lightweight, and breathable.

Mangalgiri silk sarees -  You cannot deny the importance of wearing sarees during festivals in the office thus we have our executive saree just hand-made for you. These sarees are breathable, comfortable to carry, and long-lasting.

Paithani silk sarees - These gorgeous sarees come from the state of Maharashtra with a subtle sheen and royal look giving you an eye-captivating look due to the patterns used on the saree have a folk story carved into it or patterns inspired by nature.

Organza silk sarees - These beautiful sarees come with a natural golden sheen which gives a beautiful glow to the saree with its leheriya pattern and soft fabric is perfect for those occasions where you want to dance and enjoy a lot yet have tasks to complete.

Pure tussar silk sarees - This classy sarees is made up of raw silk and is widely available in a variety of colors. The material used in these sarees is soft in texture, keeping you cool as the fabric is breathable and long-lasting.

Real Silk vs Fake Silk

Properties Real Silk Fake Silk
Shine Pure silk has a subtle golden sheen in the presence of sunlight Fake silk has a white sheen like plastic.

Pure silk has a very soft texture and water-like flow.

Fake silk is stiff in nature and feels very coarse in texture




Whether draping the saree with a left-side pallu for a casual event or pleating it in a single layer for a neater look, the pure silk saree not only enhances sensuality and elegance but also meets personal choices. Whether it's a wedding, sangeet or any other formal/informal event, you’ll look charming and breathtaking in a silk saree. Indeed it is a timeless investment in oneself.


Frequently Asked Questions

  How much does real silk costs? 

The cost of pure silk sarees starts from Rs. 3200 and can go up to lakhs of rupees depending on the zari used.

  How to identify pure Kanchipuram silk saree? 

Pure Kanchipuram silk saree is loved by all and is the easiest silk saree to drape thus dupes of these sarees are readily available but identifying these sarees is an easy task you can simply run burn-test and if get burnt hair of sulfur smell then that saree is pure Kanchipuram silk saree else it is fake.

How do you maintain a pure silk saree?

Here are some tips on how to maintain a pure silk saree so that it lasts long. 

  • Don’t machine-wash or hand-wash a pure silk saree.
  • If the saree gets stained, make sure to wipe the stain off with cold water.
  • Don’t hang the saree in direct sunlight as that may cause the color to fade off.  

How to choose pure silk saree?

Premium pure silk sarees have a sheen and a definite luster. The sheen of the pure silk saree should make it look shiny and visible under the light. It should be a rich shine but not that much shiny on the eyes.

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