Hey saree lover, if you've bought a Kanjeevaram saree, you know that its various types of work like brocade and zari border are truly works of art. But do you know how to keep your Kanjeevaram saree looking as fabulous as the day you got it? If not, no need to worry, because Legacy Of Bhojraj has provided 13 tips to maintain your Kanjeevaram saree.

13 Tips To Maintain Your Kanjeevaram Saree

Washing tips for kanjivaram saree:

Kanjivaram sarees are intricately woven using mulberry silk thread, and it’s important to note that mulberry silk has specific care requirements during washing.


1.Dry clean: Dry cleaning is the recommended method for preserving your valuable kanjivaram silk saree, always opt for cold water when dry cleaning, you must keep the water temperature at 30 degrees celsius or lower; The water temperature should never exceed 30 degrees celsius when washing.

2.Air dry: To preserve your kanjivaram saree it’s advisable to air dry it rather than washing it frequently. when air drying your kanjivaram saree ,avoid hanging it in direct sunlight to prevent bleaching.


1.Avoid wringing- Ensuring your kanjivaram saree remains in perfect condition is essential, so avoid making mistakes by wringing when you are caring for it.

2.Avoid using iron- Saying no to hot ironing is a big tips to maintain your kanjivaram saree. To maintain the beautiful shine of your saree ,it’s essential to always place a cloth between the saree and the iron while ironing. direct heat can damage the fabric and it’s shine.


A.Water soluble stain: If your favorite golgappa happens to land on your Kanjeevaram saree instead of your mouth, you should immediately wipe off the stain with cold water.

B.Greasy stain: For deeper and greasy stains, you can use lemon juice or vinegar to remove the mark effectively. 

4.Detergent and Brush: You must say big no to harsh detergent rather you should use a pH neutral detergent for maintaining your kanjivaram saree.

To preserve your wedding kanjivaram saree, never use a harsh brush on the delicate silk, as it can cause damage. Act on stains promptly. In the case of tea, coffee or gravy stains ,wash the affected area with a small amount of petrol using a soft brush to gently remove the stains.

Storage tips for kanjivaram saree:


1.Engage a skilled professional for repair- If you noticed  any imperfections such as loose threads or tears, surface on your kanjivaram saree, it’s advisable to promptly engage a skilled professional for repairs. This swift action will safeguard against any potential exacerbation of the damage .

2.Keep it in a cool & dark place - Always keep your precious saree in a cool and dark place. Never store your kanjivaram saree with your cotton saree or other sarees.
3. Use Cloth Saree Covers- Using cloth saree covers instead of plastic ones is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. cloth covers can protect your sarees while reducing plastic waste in the environment.


  1. Avoid naphthalene balls or air freshener - Do not use naphthalene balls or air freshener to maintain your kanjivaram silk saree as napthalin balls contain a melting substance that could adhere to silk and lead to permanent stains.
  2. Use silica Gel pack- To prevent fungal growth on your kanjivaram saree worn during your reception party ,consider using silica gel packs for moisture absorption. This will help preserve the saree’s quality and color.
  3. Change the Folding after 3 to 4 months- To maintain the condition of your silk saree,it’s advisable to unfold  it and change the folding of your saree every 3 to 4 months.This helps in preventing creases and ensures the saree remains in good shape.

Types of Kanjivaram Saree Available in Legacy Of Bhojraj


These cotton fabric sarees provide comfort in every season, especially during summer. The price of this particular saree makes it suitable for daily wear. If you are a working woman, you can confidently wear a Cotton Kanjivaram saree to the office

The cotton fabric of this Kanchipuram saree will make the task of maintenance much easier.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

When it's about looking like a diva on your wedding day or at any reception, the only answer is a Kanjivaram silk sarees because its brocade work will give you a stunning look which you can't get from any other saree. So if you're about to tie the knot in just a few months, then you can notice our all new Kanjiavaram Saree collection. The authenticity of Legacy Of Bhojraj lies in the fact that we offer a Silk Mark certified tag, signifying that it is a pure silk fabric saree that you can trust.


Once you have mastered the art of preserving your kanjivaram saree to keep it as new as your wedding day ,now,you can confidently expand your exquisite saree collection in your wardrobe.


Tips to maintain your kanjeevaram sarees for marriage?

Wrap your costly kanjivaram saree in a muslin cloth and store it in a cool, dry and dark place for marriage.

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