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Looking for Sarees for Saraswati puja that reflect and radiate your inner persona? You’re on the right page. Whether you call it Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja, one thing's for sure – the major Hindu festival is incomplete without a yellow saree. Celebrated on the fifth day of Magh, this festival marks Goddess Saraswati's birthday.

Yellow is the heart of Saraswati Puja, symbolizing joy, life, and cheer. Join the celebration with Legacy of Bhojraj as we introduce our collection in fifty enchanting shades of yellow. Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of this auspicious color, adorning yourself with the essence of the festival. We seamlessly blend tradition and trend to present saree for saraswati puja that captures the charm in every thread. Come, celebrate with us!

Sarees For Saraswati Puja 2024

Here are the eleven varieties of yellow-colored sarees available at Legacy of Bhojraj. 

Mangalgiri Cotton

Wrap yourself in the charm of yellow Mangalgiri cotton sarees – they're exquisite with a zari work on the border, woven from comfy cotton. These sarees showcase lovely temple border prints and boast a lasting quality. 

Narayanpet Cotton 

Want to shop for a yellow colored saree for saraswati puja that makes you look impressively stunning? Go for this elegant yellow Narayanpet cotton saree. This lovely saree features contrasting colors and intricate design on the pallu and border.

Dhakai Jamdani
Want to make a fashion statement with a yellow saree for saraswati puja? You can’t resist the unique charm and sophistication of our yellow Dhakai Jamdani saree. This marvelous yellow colored saree is made from premium cotton fabric.

Cotton Gadwal 

Looking for a yellow saree for Saraswati Puja? Well, check out this gorgeous yellow Cotton Gadwal in shades of yellow – a perfect pick for your wardrobe. The border and pallu of this saree are beautifully adorned with intricate zari work, giving it a touch of elegance.


Whether you’re 18 or 40, our yellow linen saree suits a wide range of age and preferences. Pair up this saree with a silver jhumka and make an impression. It’s lightweight and gives you a comfortable feel.

Bangalore Kanjivaram

Bangalore Kanjivaram sarees from our collection have a timeless appeal and classic charm.  It is a favorite among those who adore a blend of contemporary and traditional style. It’s woven of exquisite silk fabric and flaunts intricate zari work. 

Pure Mangalgiri Silk 

Opt for this graceful Mustard yellow Pure Mangalgiri Silk saree and watch heads turn during Saraswati Puja. Every inch of this saree is made from luxuriously soft Mangalgiri silk. It’s perfect for draping yourself in the ultimate luxury. 

Step into a world of elegance and brighten your Saraswati Puja with a Yellow Baluchari saree from Legacy of Bhojraj. Each saree is a masterpiece woven with detailed motifs that depict stories of tradition and heritage.


Fine textured silk and cotton decorated with zari work is the specialty of our yellow Chanderi saree. The saree comes with a contrast pallu, which enhances its overall appeal. Go for it, if you want to buy a white saree for saraswati puja with a contrast border.


Shop for this rich yellow colored Madhubani saree and celebrate Saraswati Pujo with glam and fashion. The painted design on the saree depicts cultural and mythological motifs, forming a blend of art and spirituality.


Looking for premium sarees for saraswati puja? This rich yellow colored Tussar saree comes with a price tag of 3600 INR, blending affordability and luxury.  It's the perfect balance between understated elegance and statement style.

50 Different Shades of Yellow Sarees For Saraswati Puja

We present our editor’s choice, shades of yellow colored sarees that complement your Saraswati puja look.

Corn Yellow: It’s a bright and lively shade of yellow, suitable to wear at any point of day on Saraswati Pujo. No matter if you're fair or dark, a corn yellow color saree suits all.

Mustard Yellow: It’s an earthy and rich shade of yellow that adds depth to the Saraswati puja look. Our Mustard Yellow Mangalgiri Cotton Saree is ideal for any evening party and suits fair to medium skin tones.

Saffron: With its deep and rich tone it represents spirituality and strength. Our saffron saree complements neutral and warm undertones, providing a dignified and bold outlook on Saraswati Pujo. 

Yellow-bordered saree: Check out our white Gadwal saree with yellow border that exudes elegance and adds a pop of color to the festival. It’s versatile and suits all skin tones.

Honey yellow: The honey yellow color is all good vibes, and it connects you with the jovial spirit of the festive season. The special golden work on the Honey yellow saree for Saraswati Puja along the sides adds a fancy touch. 

Mellow yellow:  It’s like the gentle glow of the sunlight and it’s perfect for Saraswati Puja. This mellow yellow saree for Saraswati Puja symbolizes knowledge, creativity and positivity.

Pastel yellow: It features a color that symbolizes purity and knowledge, creating a serene aura for the auspicious occasion. Wearing this pastel yellow saree for Saraswati Puja brings a sense of warmth.

Yellow:  The rich and classic yellow color of the saree symbolizes spirituality and purity, which makes it an ideal choice for the Saraswati Puja. It’s suitable for all skin tones.

Bright yellow: The bright yellow colored saree breathes life and positivity to the festival. It’s an universally flattering tone, and perfect for any skin tone. 

Mimosa yellow: This shade of yellow replicates the hue of yellow mimosa flowers that adds a touch of subtlety to the celebration. It is perfect for those who prefer a lighter and pastel shade. 

Golden Yellow:

This shuttle loom golden yellow saree comes with a bright red border that adds a touch of sophistication. The golden yellow color of the saree makes it ideal to wear during the daytime or Pushapanjali. No doubt, you’ll look dazzling in this Golden Yellow Tant Saree in Saraswati Puja. It’s ideal for all skin tones.

Daisy yellow saree:

This Kanjivaram shuttleloom saree features a golden zari work on the body. It has a light, muted, zesty citrus yellow tone that makes it ideal to be worn during Basant Panchami. Whether you have a fair complexion or a deeper skin tone, this unique Daisy yellow kanjivaram saree will suit all. 

Orange Yellow Saree:

It features a unique color tone of yellow that makes it perfect for someone seeking a bright-colored saree for Saraswati Puja. Made from high-quality cotton, this Orange Yellow Tant Saree will make you feel comfortable and chic at the same time. You can pair it with a jhumka for sophisticated look. This saree suits all skin tones, bringing out the glow in everyone.

Cadmium yellow Khaddi Georgette Saree

This Cadmium yellow Khaddi Georgette Saree has an amazing sheen and lustrous fabric that makes it ideal for any skin tone. You will feel comfy and you can radiate your glow on Saraswati Puja with this cadmium yellow saree.

Butter Yellow Organza Saree

Look absolutely stunning in this soft and vibrant Butter Yellow Organza Saree. It has a pink floral print that gives it an elegant finish. Whether you’ve got a fair or dark complexion, it complements all skin tones.  

Light yellow organza saree 
Look sophisticated and make heads turn in this lovely Light yellow organza saree for Saraswati puja. The light yellow color of the saree makes it perfect for Saraswati Puja.

Banana yellow: It’s a rich & vibrant shade of yellow, which adds a playful touch to the festival. It’s suitable for any color tone and brings out a cheerful glow.

Kasturi Yellow Chanderi Saree
If you’re looking for a sophisticated saree to wear this Saraswati Puja 2024, this Kasturi Yellow Chanderi Saree is an excellent choice. The hand-block printed saree features a Kasturi yellow that renders a traditional look to the person who wears it.

How to accessorize your yellow colored saree in Saraswati Puja

In this section, we will tell you how you can accessorize your yellow saree. You may also read our blog SAREE STYLING IDEA FOR SARASWATI PUJA for more tips.

Golden jewelry: Pair up your Saraswati Puja yellow saree with shimmering gold jewelry. A delicate necklace, earrings, and bangles can add a touch of elegance and traditional charm to your look. 

Floral accessories: You can put on a delicate or fresh gajra or hairpin adorned with fresh flowers that adds a natural and vibrant touch. It will make you feel connected to the essence of Saraswati Puja.

Bindi: Choose a bindi that goes well with the shade of your saree. You can put on bangles that complement the overall color palette. These small details will enhance your overall look. 


Celebrate Saraswati Pujo with glee and drape in a radiant yellow-shaded saree. Legacy of Bhojraj presents a collection of fifty shades of yellow, which blends trend and tradition seamlessly. Join us in cherishing the warmth of the festival with each thread.


Why is yellow the classic choice for Saraswati Puja sarees? 

Hinduism considers yellow as an auspicious color and the shade has a definite significance during Saraswati Puja. It’s Devi Saraswati’s favorite color and links to knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Which colored saree is best for Saraswati Puja?

Go yellow this Saraswati Puja. Add a touch of elegance to your appearance on the Puja occasion with a yellow saree from Legacy of Bhojraj.

What is the color for Saree for Saraswati Puja 2024?
Saraswati Puja is also known as Basant Panchami, where Basant means happiness or joy. Yellow color is ideal for Basant Panchami to celebrate the festival. You can go festive with a mustard yellow colored saree this Puja. 
Which type of Saree is best for Saraswati Puja?
If you want to drape in comfy and lightweight saree on Saraswati Puja, try out our linen saree. Whether you’re a college goer or a teenager school going girl, a yellow linen is the best saree for saraswati puja.

Saraswati Puja Saree Collection With Price

 Saraswati Puja Saree Collection Price List
Bright Yellow Cotton Gadwal Saree ₹3996
Mustard Yellow Tussar Silk Saree with Zari Border ₹3700
Mustard Yellow Kanjivaram Saree ₹4773
Yellow Madhubani Print Saree ₹4400
Corn Yellow Dhakai Jamadani Saree ₹2072
Mimosa Yellow Dhakai Jamadani Saree ₹1073
Bright Yellow Dhakai Jamadani Saree ₹2516
Mustard Yellow Cotton Gadwal Saree ₹1258
White Cotton Gadwal Saree with Yellow Border ₹6512
Yellow Narayanpet Pure Cotton Saree ₹1443
Lemon Yellow Gadwal Sico Saree
Mustard Yellow Mangalgiri Cotton Saree ₹1924
Saffron Narayanpet Cotton Saree ₹962
Corn Yellow Narayanpet Cotton Saree ₹1036
Orange Yellow Tant Saree 666
Light Yellow Organza Saree ₹3922
Cadmium Yellow Khaddi Georgette Saree ₹3478
Butter Yellow Organza Saree ₹3182
Honey Yellow Staple Ghicha Saree ₹2146
Corn Yellow Dhakai Jamdani Saree ₹2442
Corn Yellow Tant Saree 666
Dark Yellow Tant Saree ₹703
Banana Yellow Tant Saree 666
Banana Yellow Dhakai Jamadani Saree
Daisy Yellow Kanjivaram Saree ₹4884
Mellow Yellow Chanderi Saree
Bright Yellow Chanderi Saree
Golden Yellow Tant Saree 666
Dual Tone Mustard Yellow Cotton Kanjivaram Saree 1924
Banana Yellow Printed Chiffon Saree 666