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Hey there, comfort queens!  Let's talk about these super comfy Printed Silk Sarees – they're like a cozy hug for ladies. A pure printed silk saree is comparatively easy to wear, super cozy, and feels as light as a feather. Sounds like a dream, right?

Guess what? Legacy of Bhojraj is bringing excitement with your amazing Printed Silk Saree collection! It's like a treasure box full of cool prints, patterns, and colors just waiting to jazz up your wardrobe.

But hold up, we're not just about the outer glam. We're here to be your style buddies, guiding you through the world of pure printed silk sarees.

Types of Printed Silk Sarees (Available In Legacy Of Bhojraj)


Choosing a silk saree has become easier than ever– you've got two awesome options to go for! Here’s an overview of two classic types of silk sarees

Mysore Silk Saree:

Mysore silk sarees are elegant and soft sarees woven of pure silk. You’d look stunning in a Mysore silk sarees on corporate parties, regular hangouts, or wedding ceremonies. Ladies with dark complexions can go for silk sarees in emerald green, deep red or royal blue. Fair ladies look lovely in peach and pink shaded Mysore silk sarees.

Work and prints

Drape yourself in elegance with Pure Mysore silk sarees. Featuring a plain body and intricate block prints, each saree comes with a matching blouse piece and a silk mark certificate.

Explore a spectrum of hues, from off-white to rich shades, exclusively at Legacy of Bhojraj. Your perfect Mysore silk awaits, blending tradition with contemporary style effortlessly.

Don’t wait. Stop by Legacy of Bhojraj and shop for our exclusive Mysore silk sarees when you have a party to attend. Avail a flat 10% discount using the code FESTIVE10.


 As an art form, Madhubani holds immense artistic and cultural significance. Each stroke of painting tells a unique story. Wearing those stories in the form of luxurious sarees is just like carrying a part of history with you.

We introduce you to our radiant collection of Madhubani print sarees that will make you shine wherever you go, be it regular parties, corporate events, or puja festivals.

Work and prints

Our Madhubani printed saree represents an exquisite artistic expression that captures the essence of Indian culture. Crafted by skilled artisans of Bengal, our sarees feature vibrant colors and intricate designs on the pallu. Look stunning and enhance your glow with our Madhubani sarees. 

What is the texture of the organza saree? 

Pure organza silk sarees can be identified by their lightweight feel and smooth texture. Made of stiff and thin fibers, the organza saree has a smooth texture. The transparency of organza silk sets it apart from other sarees. Often, it comes with intricate embroidery work making it one elegant choice for a modern lady. 

The soft and delicate feel of an organza saree makes it perfect for slim ladies, as this fabric doesn’t stick to the body. It features unique embroidery work and a coarse feel making it perfect to wear in winter months.

Speciality & Benefits of Printed Silk Sarees 

Print silk sarees are easy to drape and have other specialties that make them popular among saree lovers worldwide. Pure silk printed sarees feature a range of intricate and eye-catching prints, which add a unique touch of charm. Now that you’ve learned about the types and varieties of prints on pure silk sarees, read on to learn about the benefits of printed silk sarees.


  • Printed silk sarees flaunt a range of intricate designs, each work is unique and has a story to tell.
  • It has lively shades that enhance the visual appeal, which makes it a radiant piece of art.
  • Printed silk saree exude a unique combination of elegance with comfort. Now you can nail your style without compromising on your comfort level.

How to identify Printed Silk Sarees

There are a couple of things to look for when buying a printed silk saree. Let’s make you aware of the criteria you need to know when buying a pure silk saree.

  •  A pure printed silk saree should come with a logo or silk mark certificate, which ensures the authenticity of the fabric. 
  • The saree should feel slightly heavy as you run your finger through the fabric. It indicates the genuineness of the silk.
  • A simple burn test should be enough to check the quality of silk. Just take some threads of silk and burn them. If it’s a genuine silk thread, it should produce a burning smell like that of a burnt hair. Otherwise, it is a hard thread and not an original one. 

Which particular printed saree should be preferred by you?

If you’re looking for budget-friendly printed silk sarees, you should try out our Madhubani sarees. It is ideal to be worn at corporate events, puja occasions, and casual hangouts. If your budget is on the higher end, our Pure Mysore Silk Sarees would be your best pick. It comes with unparalleled silk quality. Feel free to check out our red and black block printed saree which will make you look stunning wherever you go. Our Mysore silk saree will make you look jaw-dropping in wedding events and cultural gatherings. 


Explore the colorful world of pure printed silk sarees at Legacy of Bhojraj! We've discussed their origin, the dazzling categories waiting for you, and even listed the prices of our hand-picked sarees. We're not just about trends – we're your budget-friendly style guide, helping you find the perfect printed silk saree that suits 'you'. And hey, we've even given you the insider's scoop on how to spot these fabulous sarees in a crowd. Ready to slay in a pretty printed silk sarees? We've got you covered!

Which FAQ 

Is pure silk saree easy to drape?
The smooth fabric of a pure silk saree is beautiful and luxurious. It’s also a bit easy to drape.

pure silk saree will suit me?

Choosing a pure printed silk saree will depend on your choice. If you like bold patterns, you should go for Mysore Silk saree. For a traditional look, you should go for a Madhubani printed saree. Pashmina sarees are ideal to be worn in the winter months.