Kudos to you that you’ve finally decided to walk down the aisle. Why to prefer saree over lehenga for wedding? This one thought may hit your mind as the big day comes closer. Like any other brides, you should be thoughtful while picking a wedding attire. A perfect wedding outfit doesn’t only make you look pretty. It also lets you connect and pay tribute to your culture, and tradition. 

Although lehengas and sarees are popular among new brides, there’s something exceptional and emotional in draping yourself in a saree. Read this blog as Legacy Of Bhojraj is about to tell you why should you prefer sarees over lehengas.

Seven Compelling Reasons To Prefer A Saree Over Lehenga For Wedding

Want to know Why to prefer saree over lehenga for Indian Wedding? Well, allow us to share a couple of things with our readers that may change your thoughts on bridal sarees. Keep reading!

Experimenting with designer blouses

There was a time when brides would love to show off in bridal lehengas. Ladies with a classic choice now opt for something exceptional and classic. It’s time to be liberal and experiment with multiple blouse designs. Pair your sarees with designer blouse to amplify your look. As per experts, a designer blouse is the easiest way to enhance your bridal look. In recent days, top-rated designers and fashion enthusiasts have worked on blouses and explored how it can make a simple saree look more elegant.

Varieties Of Options
On your big day, you can enhance your overall look and appearance with sarees for brides-to-be.  You can decide on the right zari work, and fabric on the saree based on the body shape and complexion. For new brides, sarees are available in sico, silk, and georgette fabric. If you’re a typical Indian bride, you can opt for Banarasi, Gadwal, or Kanchipuram sico or silk sarees as well. 

Bridal sarees with dupatta 

By choosing sarees for brides-to-be, you’re bound to look different from those in a lehenga. Sarees for brides often come with a dupatta to give you a lehenga-type look. From a double saree to a Gujarati draping style, you can experiment with different draping styles.

Opting for a saree lets you play with two layers of pleat and pick a classic blouse. Also, you can drape a dupatta over your bridal sarees.   

Feel Comfortable And Snug Fit 

Comfort is another thing to consider when you’re confused about whether to choose between a lehenga or saree. While a bridal lehenga looks luxurious, it may weigh you down and you’ll find it tricky to carry. You want to look gorgeous and need something breezy and comfortable to walk through a day of wedding festivities.  Draped in a bridal saree, you can dance, connect with wedding guests and enjoy your day. 

For All Body Types

The best thing about a wedding saree is that it’s flattering for any body type. Whether petitie, curvy or slim, there’s a silk or sico saree that’s made just for you. It not only highlights your curves, and other body features, but also let you hide any body part you’re conscious about. 

An Emotional Journey

It’s time to relish an emotional journey and experience with a traditional bridal saree. In any Indian culture, sarees get passed down through generations, which imbibes memories of laughter and love. While choosing the same saree as your mother or grandmother wore on her special day, you’re bridging gaps and linking bonds with a feel of love and respect.  

Fashion fads will appear and fade away, but the charm of sarees happens to be timeless. Although it’s in trend these days, the craze for lehengas may go in the next few years. Sarees have been admired for ages, and will continue to have a demand in the coming days.

Opting For A Saree As A Budget-Friendly Choice 

Budget is one thing to think about when choosing between lehengas and sarees. Would you prefer a non-branded lehenga for brides over a branded or designer saree? Regardless of the amount you want to invest in a bridal ensemble, designer sarees are worth it. Along with a tag of brands like Legacy of Bhojraj, you’ll feel the charm and grace of wearing a saree. 


Expressing Personal Style And Individuality With A Saree 


The day has finally arrived and you may have tons of questions in your mind. Why to prefer saree over lehenga for wedding in india? If you want to know the reason to opt for a saree on wedding, let’s ask you something.  Is there anything other than a saree that lets a woman express her taste of fashion and individuality? You’ll have plenty of choices to explore, starting from the draping style to the fabrics and designs on the saree. 

Pros Of Wearing Sarees On Your Big Day

If you want to shop for stylish outfits for wedding, you’ll likely have something to ask: Which is better lehenga or saree. Well, your question won’t go unanswered. We’ll offer some insights into the benefits of draping designer sarees for bride-to-be and that will help you to make some thoughtful decisions.

  • Firstly, sarees are available in an array of shades, fabrics and patterns that make it suitable for anyone searching for a colorful wedding outfit. From pastel hues to vibrant colors, the choice is endless and suits women of all skin tones and body shape. 
  • You can experiment with different draping styles and choose accessories that give you a unique look. Try statement jewelry or trendy blouse designs to add a classic twist. 
  • As mentioned earlier, wedding sarees can make a bride look like a princess. Whether you can shop for a saree with contemporary design or traditional saree, sarees will make you look impressive. 


Like other brides-to-be, you may also have a dilemma of choosing between a saree or lehenga for the day, You’ve nothing to worry about as we’ve explained why you should prefer sarees over lehengas. A saree for future brides is not only trendy, but they are also reusable and unique. You can make your wedding day memorable by picking a saree that enhances your appeal and makes you look stellar


March 07, 2024 — Web Bhojraj

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